Agent Cody Banks

Agent Cody banks is a movie … well about a kid who is a junior CIA Agent ( 14 – 15 years and his parents don’t know a thing about it) who gets called for a mission … which is to become the friend of a girl (Hillary Duff) who’s father is a scientist – the CIA are interested in. So the movie revolves around Cody trying to do his job … which he totally sucks at … as he has this amazing phobia of talking to girls … so there … And … oh, his mentor – Ronica Miles ( Angie Harmon ) is totally hot ! The movie has an okay plot which is quite predictable at times. The movie is basically made for all audiences and is perfectly suitable for viewing by children … as a matter of fact … they’ll enjoy it. It is funny … not hillarious … but funny … which will make most people laugh ( if you get the jokes ) The movie has its share of stunts and hi – fi electronic gadgets and gizmos … a La’ James Bond style … only this is American and not British engineering !
The movie moves fast and it is never lagging … actually, sometimes its a just too fast and you wish that it’d slow down a little … But two hours up and you won’t know the time … With an enjoyable plot and storyline and some very nice acting, this movie is definitely worth the 40 – 50 bucks ticket at the local Movie Hall. Warning : Not advisable to go for the movie in a very expensive place ( you know … the kind … where they charge you 90 – 150 bucks a ticket … as the price of the ticket won’t be worth the movie … will make more sense renting a VCD )

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