BSNL Customer Care

Better late than never…
’’Good Evening Sir … This is Indrajeet. How may I help you ?’’
I was stunned.
I really was.
I took a couple of seconds to check the number I had dialed on the LCD screen and then match it with the telephone directory number.
I had dialed 1500 which is the 24 hour BSNL customer care service.
After, recovering from the state of shock, I told the customer care service guy, that our other telephone line had gone dead on New Year’s Eve and we couldn’t register the complaint as the complaint registration number was not being answered.
’’No Problem Sir. Could you please give me the details ?’’
I did.
’’Sorry for the inconvenience. Your phone will be online within a day’s time.’’
Next day by 12 pm, it was.
I had called the customer care number the previous day at 9:00 pm.
The day after, I received another call from BSNL.
’’Sir, you had registered a complaint of your phone having gone dead.’’
’’Yes, I did.’’
’’Is it working now ?’’
’’Yes. Thank you.’’
’’Thank you sir, for using BSNL services.’’

Is this the BSNL we remember ?
Gone are the days when we would have to listen to music for the good part of an hour waiting for the helpdesk to answer.
The times, when registering a complaint after 4 p.m was impossible.
When, we would have to plead and beg with the customer service, and even call them three to four times for our telephones to get fixed … which would happen only in 3 – 4 day’s time.
Make way for the new BSNL.
( Competition does get the best out of anything, doesn’t it ? )
The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has woken up and smelled the coffee.
It was about time.
Being the biggest telecom providers in the country ( a monopoly which they had enjoyed for long ), they are now threatened by the likes of Tata, Hughes and Reliance.
BSNL has off late, come up with some fantastic schemes.
A visit to their website ( www.bsnl.co.in ) will give you more details.
Services like Internet, Caller Line Identification, Call Waiting are all free now.
BSNL promises to give you a new telephone connection instantly on registering with them.
No more waiting for months.
The drab, tissue paper material telephone bills are now passe.
The bills are now Computer Printed ( by Laser Printers, I think ) and come in an easy to read and understand format … in an envelope … by post.
You can also pay your bills online by their e-bill payment scheme.
One really amazing feature that I HAVE to mention is that you can now check all your phone bills and services that you have subscribed to … online.
I registered with their services and within a week’s time, they sent me the pin and password by Post.
I was really impressed.
I still am.
Such services and customer care services provided by a Govt. Company are very, very rare.
Kudos to the people at BSNL and keep up the good work.
Before I end, I’d like to share another experience.
I had bought the BSNL internet package sometime earlier and had trouble logging in at night.
I called the customer care service at 12:30 am … Yes. It was A.M
And the call was answered.
The problem was fixed and I received an email and a phone call the next day asking me whether my problems were solved.
Truly, amazing …
Keep up the good work guys.
Makes me proud to be an Indian.
A Side Note
This review is about the BSNL landline services and not the WLL or Cell One Services.
Also, after almost a year and a half since writing this review, I have come to the conclusion, that other than basic queries and facilities, the helpdesk is completely, utterly useless …
They are still there where they started a year and a half ago … Hence I am going to drop the rating one notch … 🙁

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