Lord of the Rings : Return of the King

The curse of the ring
The ring has cursed us …
Yes it has …
Now, we can think of nothing, except My Presschcci…ooous

It is true, the curse of the Ring.
Onceyou see the movie, you can think of nothing except the movie.
It possesses you.
Simply, one of the … sorry … the most brilliant movie ever shot to date. period.
The Return of the King, opened this week in India with everyone’s expectations at peak levels after the glimpses which we got in the first two movies.
Believe me, our expectations were floored.
It just got better every time and the finale was a steal even for 130 bucks.
Do you remember the thrill … the jump in the heart … when you go down a roller coaster … or a Ferris wheel ?
Okay, now multiply this by 100 and prolong it for 3 hours, 15 minutes.
That’s what the movie is all about.
I do not want to talk about the acting, the cinematography, the special effects, the music nor the direction.
There are no words that can describe the experience and I will be doing injustice to the work of art, if I use them.
They were all flawless, nothing but the best.
There is a new religion that has been born …
The Lord of the Rings … it’s not just a movie anymore …
And I am the newest convert.
Nothing much more can be said about the movie.
I am sorry that this review is so short, but I am at a loss of words.
For the life of you, you just have to see this movie.
If you have already seen the first two movies, then you shouldn’t need much more coaxing.
I took my dad to see the movie … He hadn’t seen the first two … and yet, he savoured every part of it.
The huge battles to the minute detailing done….
A movie of this magnitude is made, if ever, only once in a lifetime.
Academy award nominations do not grow on trees … For this it has, 11 nominations.
And it is beyond me, how this movie will not win each and every one of them.
Peter Jackson has already won the Outstanding Director Award, and it’s just a matter of time, before The Best Picture and Director Awards end up on his showcase.

I have said it before, and I shall say it again …
Peter Jackson is God … and a new religion has been born …
Just go see the movie and join the brotherhood, I am sure you will.

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