Bill Gates and Steve Balmer Arrested !

Bill Gates and Steve Balmer behind bars
Delhi, 20 December 2004
By a staff reporter
According to information by our sources here, Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft and Steve Balmer, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, were arrested today, by the Delhi Police in the MMS case.
Both, Bill Gates and Steve Balmer were deported from Redmond, USA, by the Delhi Police and were brought to India with regards to the pornographic MMS that was shot and circulated by a 17 year old DPS student here.
Both of them have been booked under Section 67 of the Indian Information and Technology Act for helping in the distribution of pornographic material.
Close sources revealed that the operating system used by the DPS student was Windows Xp which is developed and sold by Microsoft.
In addition to this, the browser used by the student for uploading the clip was Internet Explorer and also, Baazee.com on which the clip was sold is hosted on Windows 2003 servers …
Due to all these factors, both, the chairman and CEO of Microsoft are pretty much stuck … and they shall be booked three times under the same act.
This could mean a jail sentence of anywhere from 7 to 14 years in a minimum security prison …
Later in the day, both the CEO and chairman were moved to the Tihar Jail and will be moved tomorrow to Jail number 3, where small time criminals and pickpockets are kept.
They shall there, give company to the CEO of baazee.com on whose site, the clip was being sold …
The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow in this matter.
Meanwhile, Bill Gates is planning to sue the country for a gazillion dollars … which will result in India going bankrupt … but who cares ?
This is just too funny …
I mean … you cannot criticize or abuse the Delhi Police … you just have to laugh ..They have done it this time … I mean there is no substitute for being stupid …
I mean, what are these people thinking ?
How can you arrest a CEO of the company … that too a website … in this matter ?
Isn’t everything automated ?
Do you expect Bajaj, to sit everyday in his office and go through all the stuff that is being sold on Bazee ?
Or for any staff for that matter ?
It is absurd … and I have no more to say …
Just that the Indians have done it this time …
I know, that Bazzee is a pretty crappy site … a lot of illegal and pirated stuff gets sold out there …
But you must atleast give them credit for getting Online Shopping to India !
Its not the best, but atleast its a start …
All this hungama stems from the fact, that the cyber cell divisions have no work in life …
So, whenever some case comes like this, they just spring into action and go all out …
Tomorrow, they will be releasing arrest warrants out for Bill Gates and Steve Balmer because someone wrote a threat email using Outlook Express or on hotmail !
Do you remember the first Cyber Criminal of India ?
He was an 18 year old guy who got booked for pornography for abusing a girl on a forum !
He was a national celebrity … there were shows with his classmates discussing what kind of a boy he was and what not …
Just goes to show … what kind of jokers the government hires !
No wonder the country is going to the dogs…
If I do not write again in another weeks time, please assume that I have been booked for writing this piece …

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Comments (4)

  • Anonymous 16 years ago Reply

    dude, i totally disagree with u this time … there’s nothing wrong in whatever is happnening… how else do u think the police will curb this kind of thing.. or what do u think would have been the appropriate step .. i think ud u find this whole thing damn stupid.. then plz clarify the right actions that our govt. should have taken in this regards, coz something had to be done in this matter

    a very bad blog , i should say …..

  • Saurabh 16 years ago Reply

    I agree that some steps need to be taken …
    But arresting the CEO of the company that is responsible is going overboard …

    Now, you might argue that the CEO of Union Carbide is responsible for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy … and I will agree with you because that was an entire different case.
    People have lost their lives and it has affected thousands, if not lacs of people …
    This is different.

    If we start blaming the CEO for such things, then Laloo should be hung for the train incident.

    Getting back to the Baazee thing, Bajaj had the coutesy to come to India to sort things out and they arrest him …

    The only logical thing to be done is to arrest the student and all those directly responsible. Not the company which hosted this.
    Remember, as soon as they found this, they brought the sale down.
    What else could they do ?

    Thousands of people, bid and sale on Baazee … I have myself bought a couple of things from them.
    You dont expect a human to monitor every thing that is bought and sold …

    The creators do not have control over what the people post …
    The max they can do, which they did, is help in tracking the students and taking the sale off their site.

    I again, stick to my opinion … and this is utter crap … the way the entire situation was handled.

    – Saurabh

  • Atishay Kumar 16 years ago Reply

    Mockery of IT.
    Its just oo funny.

  • Anonymous 16 years ago Reply

    I totally agree with you.

    Real criminal never got caught in INDIA

    That day is not far when they will issue arrest warant for Bill gates.

    There is some problem with our society in embedding technology in itself.

    I think cyber laws need to be updated.I dont know from where the hell they copied these laws. As that is what the case with our constitution it has been copied from all over hte world.

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