BitTorrent Seminar Blues …

BitTorrents … doesn’t that word have a nice ring to it ?
It does, if you ask me …
Okay, it does only to Broadband users with some unlimited plan …
Anyways, I have used and abused that protocol for months now …
Ever since BSNL dataone started and they had the mind numbing plan to give away unlimited internet … hehehe … 🙂
So, when Seminar time came ( something all us BE in Engineering people have to go through ), I chose BitTorrent …
C’mon … I’ve used it for months … I know all the settings … Its not much work …
Right ?
Wrong !!!
I had to slog my ass off … but it’s okay, because the topic turned out to be interesting …
So, 13 papers, hundreds of websites, 3 interviews, 1 webcast and 3 days of gruelling typing later, I finished my 30 page report on the damn thing …
I am so confident … that I already printed out the report without showing a rough copy to my seminar guide …
How this works out, only time will tell …
But, I have this radiant glow by this sense of achievement …
Anyways, have sat to do the presentation now …
And after spending a day doing the graphics at 800 x 600 for the ppt ( b’coz our college comps are kinda screwy and mess up at higher res ), I figured out that powerpoint backgrounds unstretched are at 1024 x 768 …
No matter what the display resolution …
Aaaahhhhh !!!!
Update 04-Jan-2010: Please stop asking me for the presentation / report. I am not going to give it to you.
Please stop being a lazy ass and do your own work!
I am putting up the bibliography below so you can get started, but I am not sharing the ppt with you. Putting your email address here is just going to make it that much easy for spambots to harvest them and spam you even more! (Not that you care, I’m sure!)
The ones without links are papers. You will need to google for it and download the pdf.
(I don’t have the links for them at this time). Also some links might not work as  this was 5 years ago!
[1] Incentives Build Robustnes in BitTorrent – Bram Cohen
[2] Analysis of the P2P BitTorrent Protocol – Abram Hindle ( University of Victoria )
[3] The Bittorrent Protocol Paper – Bram Cohen ( http://www.bittorrent.com/protocol.html )
[4] Network Coding for Large Scale Content Distribution – Christos Gkantsidis and Pablo Rodriguez Rodriguez
[5] BitTorrent Metafile Specification – ApnaOpus ( http://apnaopus.var.cc/wiki/index.php/BitTorrent_Metafile_extension )
[6] Bram Cohen Interview on BitTorrent – Wired Magazine ( Jan 2005 )
[7] Gnutella and the Transient Web – Kelly Truelove ( www.openp2p.com/pub/a/p2p/2001/03/22/truelove.html )
[8] Free Riding on Gnutella – Eytan Adar and Bernardo A. Huberman
[9] Digital Rights Management – Wikipedia.org ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Rights_Management )
[10] How BitTorrents Works – HowStuffWorks ( http://computer.howstuffworks.com/bittorrent.htm )
[11] How Gnutella Works – HowStuffWorks ( http://computer.howstuffworks.com/file-sharing.htm )
[12] How Webservers Work – HowStuffWorks ( www.howstuffworks.com/web-server.htm )
[13] Avalanche: File Swarming with Network Coding – Microsoft Research
[14] DRM Non-News: Microsoft’s Avalanche – DRM Watch

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  • mrinal 11 years ago Reply

    hey can u please mail me the report and ppt,i have taken up the same topic.thank u.

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    can u please mail me the report and ppt,i have taken up the same topic.thank u.
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    heyy friend can u please mail me the report…pleaaasseeee…ive got the same topic..please …

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    heyy friend can u please mail me the report…pleaaasseeee…ive got the same topic..please …

  • gopal 11 years ago Reply

    can u send me the ppt of bit torrent please….

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    could u plz mail ur presentation n report on bittorrents…at [email protected]..
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    cann u please send report and ppt of bit torrent plz.

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    Please Please Please for gods sake, I need this reallly badly… !!! I suffered a shock of my life(Personal) & I’m really in a bad trauma ryt now & I need some help from u buddy ! I need it before 8th Jan 2010….Pls forward me ASAP !!! I’m relying on u !!!
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  • Manoj 10 years ago Reply

    hello Saurabh plz mail me d report n ppt of this topic..i searched in net but not finding proper material…it wil be really very helpful to me…plz mail me as early as possible…i hav seminar on 4th of march….so plz..
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    will you plz mail me the report and ppt of the topic bittorrent

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