The Tata Safari Dicor Ads

I had posted sometime ago about the Indian Ad market reving up of late. You can read it here.
Anyways, the TATA Safari Dicor ad is not doing the rounds as it was once ( or maybe I am not watching enough TV ) but I really needed the soundtrack for something.
So, half an hour googling for it, landed up on hundreds of posts and reviews about the ad, but no sight of the ad or the soundtrack.
Finally, thought of checking up the company website and what do you know ?
Both the ads ( though I had seen only one of them ) are up for grabs šŸ™‚
A mere 2.5 MB with the respective quality also – they are embedded in a swf exe.
So, you can’t really monkey around with them unless you have the proper tools … well atleast most of the people can’t, so its a smart move by the company.
Well, atleast have a working copy of it … one of the best ads ever.
Always brings a smile to my face…
And oh, if you are looking for it yourself, they can be downloaded from :
NOTE : Please use Internet Explorer only, the download links don’t show up in Firefox !!!
( When will people start making browser independent sites ??? )
Enjoy !
— Update —
If you’re looking for the Bajaj Avenger ad also ( I had written about that too .. ), you can get it from here : http://www.bajajauto.com/avenger/Avenger.zip
It’s about 9.7 Meg and at a decent res ( much better than the dicor ads )

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Comments (6)

  • Aswin Anand T.H. 15 years ago ā€” Reply

    hi!! a software called soundforge allows u to record the soundtrack from a music that is playing in windows media player. i think it will work out for the swf exe too.

  • MaK-D 15 years ago ā€” Reply

    wow … oyu really finished the entire syllabus init?

  • Yuvi Panda 15 years ago ā€” Reply

    Hey Saurabh, I suppose, you could just try importing the whole of that SWF file into flash. I had to extract the soundtrack of an SWF and I had to use a software called SWF-Decompiler to get em…..

    But, then, maybe, you could just use the old play-record method….

    And, For a Taste of something really browser incompatible, try this blog of my friend : http://theRamesh.blogspot.com. I still can’t imagine how he managed to get that Layout so messed up…

  • Saurabh 15 years ago ā€” Reply

    Hey thanks for all your suggestions !
    Its now a swf file, but a flash projector file … so importing it wont work.

    I think I have a decompiler somewhere … will dig it up.

    – Saurabh

  • Arnold 14 years ago ā€” Reply

    dude the *worst* coca-cola had has to the latest one about “drinking it with your head raised” or something like tht… i mean, how do you drink other stuff? by bending down? well, only if u want like extra-fresh milk straight outta the cow or something!

  • dimitry 14 years ago ā€” Reply

    hi saurabh,
    i think the soundtrack of the tata safari dicor commercial has been borrowed from the soundtrack of the film “requiem for a dream”…check it up.
    dimitry ([email protected])

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