People are like … crazy man !!!

While doing some webdev work today, I wanted to know what are the best methods to get rounded edges on layers, images etc …

I know I am not very brilliant googling (it generally takes me some effort before I can zoom into the stuff I was looking for) but I was shocked beyond belief today.

I use firefox (which rocks by the way) and it has the google search bar with the auto completion feature turned on.
( for those who don’t know, the google auto completion feature is something which fills in your search query by the most popular queries which other users have used – it is quite helpful when your brain is not working and you need to get a proper query in)

So, I start by query with “methods of …” and before I could type further, the list gets filled up with suggestions.

(my actual query was : methods of getting round edges using CSS)

But these are things which google filled up:

methods of suicide – 3,410,000 results
methods of abortion – 1,210,000 results
methods of execution – 5,370,000 results
methods of mayhem – 29,000 results
methods of torture – 1,450,000 results

I mean – what the hell are people searching for?
There was an actual page in the “methods of suicide” search result which would be about 40 pages in printed pages – which talked about all the methods of killing yourself, along with tips, tricks and also an advice column.

Freak … some people are just plain crazy (which is an understatement – it should be more like retarded !!!)

Please dont read the links above and kill yourself – not that I care much, but I don’t have time to attend funerals :p
Hehehe …

And if you’re still wondering if you can get rounded edges in CSS, it will be supported in CSS3 – which does not have a proper spec – so will have to wait a while.
Till then, images are the only way to go …


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