Million Dollar Baby

That’s how life is really – and thats what the movie aims to tell you and does a pretty good job at doing it too …

You fall down, you get up and then you get back at what you were doing
Thats what the Million Dollar Baby is all about.
I admit that I caught this movie pretty late, and am extremely glad that I did it.
My first impression after seeing the promos and stuff was that its going to be another boxing movie, well … I couldn’t be more wrong.
The movie tells us a story of a girl (Hillary Swank), a waitress from more than 20 years, who has nothing in the world except her dream to be the best female boxer there is … and of a man (Clint Eastwood) who gives her a shot at getting there.
This movie has many, many layers to it – and I bet everytime you see it, you’ll learn something new from it.
The film is directed and produced by Clint Eastwood and he also stars in it, along with Morgan Freeman. Hillary Swank plays the main role and she won an oscar for best actress for her role in the film.
The film is not just another boxing movie – though the fights are pretty intense and a lot of fun to watch (though they don’t compare to the adrenaline pumping rocky fights), they are still brilliantly choreographed.
The rest of the movie plays pretty slow, but is nevertheless very engaging and I never found the movie to lag anyplace.
At two hours, ten minutes, it is the perfect length to watch – and keeps you hooked throughout.
The movie is actually based on three short stories from Jerry Boyd’s book: ’’The Monkey Look,’’ ’’Million $$$ Baby’’ and ’’Frozen Water.’’
As such, the screenplay is very well written and is one of the reasons that you should watch this film.
The Morgan Freeman narration throughout the film, gives it a ’’Shawshank Redemption’’ kind of feel and helps take the story forward and connect the pieces together.
All the cast perform brilliantly, the direction is superb and the movie is inspirational and very multi dimensional.
Therefore, a must watch according to me …
End Note
The movie won 4 oscars in all including Best Motion Picture, Best Actress (Hillary Swank), Best Supporting Actor (Morgan Freeman) and best direction (Clint Eastwood)

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