Just a small heads up …

Yes. I am still alive and kicking.
This post comes almost a month after my last one – and though I have been pretty lazy in not blogging as much as I would like to, I will still go ahead and blame the weather …

Somehow, even though the colder months bring with them the promise of sitting by a nice fire in the garden, curling up on the couch under a blanket with a nice book – and many such activities that one can indulge in when the weather is so cold generally, the winters have always brought a lot of stress and difficult decisions to make for me …

One way or the other, I manage to get myself into these really cascading depressing situations which takes the bright and warm (nowadays exceedingly hot) summers to get out off …

In the meantime, I have read this book – Freakonomics – which I will recommend.
Even if you don’t agree with many of the controversial topics of debate that the authors have chosen (I somehow agreed to 99% of them), you will find yourself looking at things from a more economist’s point of view once you have gone through all the pages.

The other very interesting book that I am going through right now is – Games People Play – a book which deals with transactional analysis and social psychology in general. Though it makes for a pretty interesting read, it does tend to get technical at places …


  1. Good to see you back! Winter does have that chilling effect at times where you feel like doing NOTHING!

    I enjoyed Freakonomics a great deal myself. Mr. Levitt’s (freak)conomics is not all math and numbers (which he admits he is bad at anyway). It has a tragic-comic human side to it which lends it levity. As a result, the reader, even if he’s mathematically challenged, willingly goes along with the data to find answers to many questions that he’s always wondered about.

  2. you have been just plain lazy kid, stop trying to find excuses and blaming it on the weather…
    theres a theory that explains the frequency with which you blog-
    it says “The more active your life is the lesser you blog and vice-versa…”
    that should explain things better whatsay???

  3. Ah, Berne.
    Soon you’ll be analysing the Parent, Child, Adult in everybody.
    :)Not blogging? Too much of an active social life? Scandalous! (parent controlling negative). Keep reading.

  4. Oh maaan ..i miss reading at Crossword all the time …Freakonomics was one book which i kept postponing , because i never was in a mood to take all those theories !

    Tried “Blink” ?


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