Coming soon …

I always tend to do this …
Take long blogging breaks – I dunno why – but it just stops all of a sudden, and I don’t feel like writing, or just get too lazy to actually sit and type out a blog even if I do feel like …
Writing makes you think, and helps you maintain your control over the language – so, I have decided to actually force myself to write once in every 4 days at least.
So, I should clock at least 90 good posts a year.
Now, that I have put this into writing, I will try to keep this up.
So starting from today, (this post is of course not counted), I plan to take my post count to a minimum of 240 posts by the 16th of Mar, 2008
Watch this space for more 🙂

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  • Rishi Agarwal 13 years ago Reply

    the same thing happens to me.. dont feel like writing, maybe too lazy or maybe too busy !

    but anyways, u shud always write when ur mind is free, not force urself to write . Writing wont free ur mind. It shud be the other way round 😉

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