Over-connectivity anybody?


I know that this topic must have been done to death uptil now, but the immense realisation of it all just hit me.

My uncle from the states, sent me an email and asked me to reply back with everybody’s phone number in the house.

I say okay, hit the Reply button and go:

Home (primary): XXX

Home (secondary): XXX

Dad’s Cell: XXX

Mom’s Cell: XXX

My Cell: XXX

Bro’s Cell: XXX

When I keyed in the last number – was the exact time it hit me.

6 phones !!!!

6 bloody phones for 4 people!!!

And just about 4 years ago, we were extremely happy with one landline number – which I would proudly tell everybody.

And now, the first thing I grab hold off – even when I am moving through rooms in my house is — yeah — my cell phone.

Technology is a very funny thing.

You do not realise how badly you needed something until you start using it.

I resisted buying a cell phone till I was in my final year for this very same reason — and now, it’s something I cannot do without.

There was a time when I had only one email address and was extremely happy with it.

Now, I have one personal email address, one for spams, one for business and a couple more which I need to check for the websites that we have (activeciti, thinkingspace).

I have an account on each popular IM (GTalk, Yahoo, MSN, Skype) and a couple of social networking sites (Orkut, Facebook, LinkedIn).

The thing which really baffles my mind is – do we need all this?

And if we really do, where do we stop? How do we know where to stop?

I can see kids in the future spending a good couple of hours checking all their mail and then checking all their messages in their social networking circles, etc. etc.

Makes you really really want to run away to a distant village for a couple of months – with nothing except some cash and some clothes — an exile from being digitally connected.

PS: I found the calvin strip above by searching on this awesome tool: http://www.reemst.com/calvin_and_hobbes/stripsearch

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Comments (4)

  • Yuvi 13 years ago Reply

    6 phones, an infinite number of IMs accounts, 2 blogs, another infinite number of email accounts, and “Social Networking”…..
    Yes, over-connected. Damn overconnected, I should say.
    P.S. Tagged

  • bikram 13 years ago Reply

    well think about it, i am now inseparable from a laptop. a couple of years ago, what would have been the chances of that?
    technology is scary sometimes…

  • Sharath 13 years ago Reply

    there is no chance of running away from connectivity .. things just “catch up” sometimes 🙂

  • I Me My 13 years ago Reply

    Consumerism has become an epidemic and capitalism a trend so what can one expect!

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