How to disable 3G on your Samsung Omnia W

This is another tip which I dug around for hours to get.
Posting it here so that it saves some people time.

So in my Samsung Omnia W Windows phone, it defaults to 3G out of the box and there is no visible setting to change it.
If you like me, don’t really want to switch to 3G and would rather prolong the life of your battery, here is what you need to do:

  1. Go into the phone dial mode.
  2. Type: ##3282#
  3. If the screen does not change to “field test”, tap the dial button.
  4. On the next screen which opens up, pop up the settings options from the bottom of the screen via the … button.
  5. Tap settings
  6. In the Network type, select 2G only
  7. Hit the back arrow and go to your home screen.
  8. Your phone will now work on the 2G network and consume lesser battery.

Hope this helps someone.


  1. Dear Saurabh,
    Last few days I have been talking to Samsung every day for a solution but have not been able to help so far. Interestingly, the phones which samsuung customer service (demo sets I guess) they have the enable/disable 3G option under the mobile network settings. I was talking to the Microsoft customer support yesterday and they have some ‘ease of access’ option wherer they can enable/disable 3G – not sure if there are various versions of the firmware floating around and in different countries. But coming back to point – your solution works Man !! Great show and thanks Much !! Keep this good work up !!

  2. Dear Saurabh,

    I was going crazy loooking for solution to my texting problem as i can’t send SMS on My Tata DOCOMO 3 G Network. It’s a great relief for me as finally i can switch to normal EDGE connection and text normally with out any problem. Cheers to you.



  3. Hahaha ! Guess which site popped up when i googled “how to switch off 3g on omnia w” :D

    Anyways thanks a ton…. awesomely helpful !!!

  4. Thanks a ton Saurabh for the info. I was on the verge of giving away the omnia w because of no 2g option. You are a savior :)
    Keep up the good work

  5. I just thought to sell my mobile due to battery life when it always 3G is on… Your solution is awesome awesome awesome.. thsnk you very much thankyou thankyou

  6. I am using both Iphone4 and Omnia W. While my iphone displays the hindi fonts but the windows phone doesn’t – all I get to see there is square boxes. I have been looking for a solution but no success so far. Any idea how I can enable this on the windows phone. Thanks/ Sanjay

    • Hey Sanjay,
      Unfortunately, I don’t have an idea on how to get devnagiri script to display on the phone.

      Language support is generally low priority for manufacturers – hence MS probably hasn’t yet gotten to implement that on its still shiny new OS. However, the iphone being older and more refined has that feature in.

  7. Hi,

    If you change to 2g won’t you be wasting your 3g since we paid for 3g and now using it as 2g.
    Also the above setting automatically changes as I access certain applications to 3g only etc by itself even though I make the above setting via keycodes.

    • You are right. However, I have not signed up for 3G as yet – so even though my data transfers happen at GPRS speeds, the phone uses the 3G bandwidth for voice calls which would drain my battery up in 8 hours.

      This setting actually made my phone last for 36+ hours. If you need 3G, then you cannot use this setting.

  8. i own omnia w..i have been facing problem with activating uninor gprs in it..when i give a new apn addition according to uninor gprs automatically give its own password to it without me it that,that 2g cards do not work in 3g phones..?plz help..its been 3 days n still im unable to get hold of internet on this phone.other than apn ..are there any other settings for gprs>

    • Hi Shruti,

      Thanks for stopping by.

      You should contact Uninor itself. They may need to activate some setting for the handset. I have not had any issues on the Idea network so far.

  9. Thanks Saurabh, Battery consumption when on 3g was driving me mad. I have now created a new contact “3g” with the number “##3282#” so toggling between 2g and 3g has become fun.
    Hope they integrate it as a button in the settings menu soon.

    • Hi Praveen,

      This is a known issue for some devices and unfortunately, I haven’t been able to figure out a way around it.
      One of my friends recently mentioned that you could take your phone to the Samsung service center and they install a patch which fixes the issue.
      Maybe you could try that?

      If you don’t send a lot of text messages, a short term fix could be what Atul mentioned (see in the comments) of creating a “3G” contact with the number “##3282#” so that you can toggle 3G off easily before sending a text.

      • You are true Shaurabh… i had this issue after i activate the 3g network. I need to press “try again” option many times to send the sms successfully. Fortunately, one day i got the message stating that “New Update available”. when i connected to zune, it installed the new updated namely “Update from Samsung” (not microsoft). Now i am able to send SMS happily :)

  10. Hi Saurab,

    Am not able to send group messages to mutiple contacts, the msg comes bounces back as error. am using samsung omnia W. any updates?

  11. Thanks bro..i ws goin to throw ma Omnia .wel can u tell how to download opera or opera mini for this windows mode bcoz it dsnt support

    • Hi Deepak,
      Glad that I could save your Omnia :)
      I really have no clue about Opera Mini as I have not tried it. The bundled IE does its job really well as it is a full featured browser compared to the Opera Mini which is a mini browser with limited functionality.

  12. Thanks Saurabh……I was googling to find any way to enable/disable 3g on ma omniaw…….thanks for this valuable info.Thanks

  13. But Saurabh, my Omnia wi3850 worked well after 3G connection also. The battery drained in last 2 weeks only. I don’t know why !! can we use the applications that is available in marketplace to drain the battery completely and recharge it again from the start ? Is it worthy and safe ?

    • Chandru, your Omnia wi3850 is a Windows 7 phone by Samsung – so this hack should work for you as well.
      I think I might know what your issue is.

      Basically, networks in India are switching to 3G one by one – area wise.
      I am not an expert at this, but I think 3G has a different band for voice communication as compared to 2G.
      So when 3G becomes available in your network and you have one of the newer phones – like the Omnia W or the iPhone, it will automatically switch to the 3G network for voice calls even though you have not subscribed to 3G.
      This was what happened to me as well.

      The second your phone switches to 3G, it will start draining the battery.
      I would recommend that you use this hack and switch 3G off if you have not subscribed to the 3G service.

    • Hi Mayur,
      Either disable 3G as shown in the blog or then install the latest firmware from Samsung by connecting the phone to the PC and starting Zune which solves this issue entirely.

      • Hi ,
        After firm ware update its working fine,Thanks.

        Few more queries:
        1)Is it possible to set mp3 as a ring tone

        2)I’m also feeling like there is some wifi problem .
        when i switch on wifi its show’s few availabe connection(that also keep comming and going….not stable)..but when i switch on wifi on my laptop it show lots of available connection ,more-over with gud strength ..

        3)also when i browse net ,it show’s i’m left with some download limit and valid till some time .is that thing is provided by microsoft

        (i’m feeling like i had wasted my money by buying this cell…….)

  14. Hello saurabhj,

    I use samsung omnia with vodafone network. There is one problem which i am facing. In vodafone, to check the amount of internet data we have used, we need to dial *111# and then follow the menu which appears. That is, we will need the numeric keypad to continue. but unfortunately the keypad doesnt appear at that instant! any solutions?

    Thanks :)

  15. Hi Saurab, Thanks a lot for sharing this info…. I searched for hours and couldnt find the option & was abt to visit the mobile showroom to ask whether this phone has a 3G…..

    Thanks …..

  16. I have gprs connection enabled on my operator plan. When I make gprs data connection off (by going to settings->cellular Data connection Off) and connect my Samsung Omnia W to wi-fi then the internet doesn’t work. Could you please help me and tell what is the procedure to make wi-fi the first connection to be used in my device.

  17. Hi Saurabh,

    Thanks for the tip on the 3g/2g conversion.. Helped me and a ton of others as well..
    I was wondering if there was a workaround to increasing the volume of the speaker/music…. There are many hacks/tweaks for the samsung 7 series, but none for the omnia W. Please share if you have come across any…

    thanks, David

  18. thats rite! as david said, lotta stuff regarding omnia 7…please help! ;) thanks for the help btw. updated my phone and messages are delivered fine! :)

  19. Hey ! Is there any way to Root The omnia w plzzz tell me i m waiting for reply .. i tried so many things to root but doesnt work on my ROM .
    Thanku :D

  20. And is there any way to lock messages , or to add privacy lock except than main screen lock
    any application or some trick ??

  21. Hi after switching to 2g …i tried to switch it back to 3g using your trick on my omnia w …but now the network goes to no srvice emergency calls only mode if i select 3g only
    2g works fine though !!!
    Any idea ??

    Coz i hv sbscrbd to 3g nd want to access 3g while browsing internet please help
    Thank you!!!

  22. hey saurabh…plz help me out with this…
    I hv Samsung Omnia W GTI8350…i hv activated DOCOMO 3G on my cell but its not working at all not even the 2G setting it to 3G aftr dialling ##3282# wt is the polling frequency that we hv to set?? also wt should be the Network selection Automatic or hv to select it??

    • Hi Nilesh, I’m afraid I cannot directly help you as it seems to be a Tata Docomo configuration issue. I remember I had to set Idea APN and other usernames and passwords to be able to access their 3G network.

      Your best bet would be to call up their customer care and ask for these settings.

  23. hello saurabh.
    i m unable to play youtube in Samsung omnia 8350i
    error wll appear we can nt play this file in ur phn wht can i do plz hlp me out…

    • Hi Shikha,

      The APN for idea for GPRS / 3G is:

      You need to add these in the:
      Settings>edit APN
      screen. Hope this helps.


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