Hey Flipkart! I thought we were friends …

Hey Flipkart,

I have loved and liked you since a very long time.

When you were only so little – and just opening your eyes to the world in Sep 2008, I trusted you and bought my first book from  you – all of Rs. 750 and was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived all neatly packed in a couple of days.

I was so happy that I wrote about my experience at so many places, gave you 5 stars and told everyone I met – what an awesome service I had found.

Since then, you have grown by leaps and bounds and I have been so happy and proud that I was one of your early adopters.

My order list has grown and looks something like this – since we first met:


I have purchased 45+ items and spent an approximate of Rs. 36,000 on your site since – so I naturally thought that we were friends.

I wrote you an email yesterday:

Order ID: OD20606100278

1.) The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (3 Volume Set) – Bill Watterson ( 9780740748479 )


I know this is late – but could you send me some extra Flipkart bookmarks along with this order? I know 1 bookmark is generally sent with a book – but I have many books without bookmarks and the Flipkart ones are awesome.

So, if you could send me around 20 bookmarks with this order, I would be very grateful. (If you send more, I have many reader friends with whom I’d love to share them – plus my company has a large library without bookmarks)



Saurabh Jain

And received this reply:

Dear Saurabh,

Greetings from Flipkart!

Order ID: OD20606100278

1.) The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (3 Volume Set) – Bill Watterson ( 9780740748479 )

We regret to inform you that we do not accept special request for orders placed in our website.


I understand that sometimes these things might be difficult and might not be possible.

But can’t you do better than a short, curt reply?

I am really sad – not because you didn’t send me the bookmarks – but that you didn’t take any effort to reply back.

Did you even read my email or did you use one of your auto-reply bots to just send a cookie cutter response?

Maybe you have grown so big that you don’t have time for me – or maybe I am not giving you enough business?

I was thinking that you were the Zappos from India – but you turned out to be another yebhi / fashionandyou /.

I thought we were friends – but I guess we aren’t…

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Comments (5)

  • Karthik 8 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    That wasn’t a auto-reply bot, but yes, it does sound like one. And yes, it does seem like something that shouldn’t have gone to someone like you who likes Flipkart passionately. Good lesson for us to update our email response processes…and we are on the task, incidentally.
    Corporate Communications – Flipkart

    saurabhj 8 years ago Reply

    Hey Karthik,
    Thanks for stopping by. I feel that more than updating your email response systems, you guys need to go that extra mile which doesn’t cost you anything to keep us on board.
    The support people need to empathize with the reader and sometimes, I feel, little acts such as these will go a long way in maintaining loyalty.
    With smaller eCommerce players cropping up daily (I have been having a much better experience with IndiaPlaza off late) – which have better prices than Flipkart and better delivery rates, you may find people moving away from your service if you don’t go the Zappos route. I know it might not always be do-able considering the speed at which you are growing – but whenever possible, you should.

  • shashwat 8 years ago Reply

    hi saurabh,
    well, it is a little sentimental reading about your post but yes this is how things work.
    Anyways i have a solution, my company provides free bookmarks to public libraries. I can’t assure you that it’ll be better than flipkart’s, but yes we have put in a lot of time and effort on it, and we really love them.
    So, if you are interested, do drop me a mail at [email protected]

    saurabhj 8 years ago Reply

    Hi Shashwat,
    Thanks for your offer! I would love to get bookmarks from you.
    I’ll contact you via email.

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