How to get the Kindle Lending Library to work in India

I have a Kindle and an Amazon Prime account – which lets me access their Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.
However, I could never see this – and I have spent quite sometime trying to figure this out and thought I’d share the info here so it can save you sometime.
What is the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library you ask?
Amazon basically opens up more than 400,000 books for you to borrow for free from its library – once a month.
So 12 books in a year. You can return the book after reading to borrow another one in a calendar month.
Currently, the quality of books is a little lacking with most publishers staying out of this – so you are not missing much if you don’t have a Prime account.
However, if you do have a prime account and cannot see the Lending Library on your device, read on.
To be able to access the library and borrow books, you need to be on a Kindle device.
Apps on phones will not work. A loop-hole by which you can see the library on your browser is listed here. However, to actually borrow the book, you will need your Kindle device.
Step 01 (if you are on your browser):

  1. Go to this link.
  2. Make sure your country is set to the United States.
  3. Go to Step 02.

Step 01 (if you are on your kindle):
I have a Kindle Paper Keyboard – but this should work on other models as well.

  1. From Kindle Home, go to Menu > Shop in Kindle Store
  2. Once in the Store View, go to Menu > Store Settings
  3. You will find an option to change your country to United States.

Step 02 – You need your device for this

  1. From Kindle Home > Go to Menu > Settings
  2. Once in Settings > Go to Menu > Restart Kindle
  3. Wait for the Kindle to Restart

Once the Kindle restarts, the library will be accessible to you.
To Access the Library from your device:

  1. Go to Menu > Shop in Kindle Store
  2. On the top of this page, you will see a link for “All Categories”
  3. Hover over that and click it.
  4. At the bottom, you will notice a link for “Kindle Owner’s Lending Library”
  5. From this page – or any generic search that you perform, if the result has a PRIME logo next to it, that book will be available for borrowing.
  6. Just click on the link and select the second button which says: “Borrow from Lending Library”
  7. You are good to go!

Other links:
Amazon’s help page explaining how to borrow and return books.

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Comments (6)

  • amol 6 years ago Reply

    i did the settings as suggested. I am able to see the books & option of borrow books free is also available. But one need to be prime member which cost USD 79/year. is there any way to become the prime member? without this i am not able to borrow the book.

  • saurabhj 6 years ago Reply

    Hi Amol,
    You can get Amazon prime via this URL:

    Samarth 6 years ago Reply

    Are there any other lending libraries through which I can borrow and read kindle ebooks

  • emmanuel 5 years ago Reply

    Dear editor
    iam a paster in this mount kodai
    i need books to keep in the libraey,give to others,and post books to my friend
    paster emmanuel
    kodai 624101

  • Sreejita Bhowmik 2 years ago Reply

    Hi I use a kindle paperwhite and unfortunately I dont see the shop in kindle store setting in the menu furthermore when i tried it from my browser my indian prime didnt transfer to the .com that is on the .com page i dont have a prime somehow..do you have any suggestions ? Thanks!!

    Saurabh Jain 2 years ago Reply

    Hi Sreejita,
    I am not sure if your kindle (or your Amazon Digital) account is US registered or Indian registered.
    But, you should check and try to set your country from their page — the process is a bit convoluted and the link hidden, but you can change your country to India (or US) as you choose.

    This page has more information and should help (hopefully):

    – Saurabh

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