How to get your child’s passport in India in 3 days flat!

UPDATE (09-Aug-2016)
It has been a year and a half since I wrote this post and since I got my child’s passport and as you can imagine, a lot of things have changed. A few lucky breaks that happened to us may not apply any more.
I think after reading the blog, you should head down and read the latest comments as those would be more helpful and would paint a more realistic picture of what to expect in today’s date.

UPDATE (04-Mar-2019)
I just read a news article that walk-ins have been stopped for minors and senior citizens in all PSKs. Tried digging in the online PSK website but did not find any information on walk-ins.

As such, I think the news article is still valid and if you need a passport urgently, you would need to get a Tatkaal done. Let me know if your experience has been otherwise.

Indian Express article is here:

I recently applied for the passport of my 10 month old on the Thursday (1st Jan 2015) and had it in my hand on Saturday (3rd of Jan 2015). If you are wondering how this was done, here is my story.
If you are expecting any hacks or cool tips, I am sorry to disappoint, but it was a boring, straight-forward process.
My wife and I both have valid Indian passports and are living in the same city from which we got our original passports issued. So your mileage may vary depending on where you are staying and whether both of you have passports. You may require additional documents if you do not fall under this category.
Other happy notes:

  1. Wife’s name on passport before marriage
    The name on my wife’s passport is the one before marriage and on the birth certificate of my child, the name is from after marriage (change in surname). We were afraid that this would be an issue and we would first have to change her passport and then apply for my child’s passport. Fortunately, this did not matter. The name on my child’s passport under the mother’s name column was entered from the birth certificate and they did not trouble us on this front.
  2. Spouse Name Endorsement
    If you go through the FAQ section of the Passport Office and if you even call their customer support (I did), they will insist that you first endorse your names on each other’s passports. Otherwise you cannot apply for your child’s passport. (On the last page of your passport, there is a line which says “Spouse Name”. You are supposed to do this after your marriage. Both of us basically felt this was quite stupid and we did not bother doing this.) 

    I was quite sure that they would send us back due to this. However, fortunately, they did not bother and did not even bring it up. If you haven’t gotten your names endorsed, don’t worry. Didn’t matter for us.
  3. Walk In Interviews
    When you fill up the form online for the passport and get an interview date – you’ll generally get something after 30-40 days. I applied on 20th Dec and got a date for 30th Jan. However, if it is for your child, it does not matter. You can simply walk-in to the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) the next day (you need to wait for 1 day after filling in the form). The timings for walk-ins are between 9am – 10:30am in Pune. Though this could be different for the PSK you visit. So please check.

What I took:

  1. My passport (original)
  2. My wife’s passport (original)
  3. My child’s birth certificate (original)
  4. Photocopy of my passport (first and last page) – attested by me
  5. Photocopy of my wife’s passport (first and last page) – attested by me
  6. Photocopy of my child’s birth certificate – attested by me
  7. Print out of the Online Application Form Receipt – 1 copy
  8. Annexure H (http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/pdf/AnnexureH.pdf)
  9. A recent passport photograph of my child (3.5 cm x 4.5 cm) because she is less than 4 years old.

What I paid:

  1. Rs. 1,000/- online for the normal passport application process (don’t bother with tatkaal)
  2. Rs. 35/- in cash at the PSK for the SMS registration facility (if you want SMS updates for your passport process)

The Process:

  1. Make sure you have the birth certificate for your child. In our case, this was the only document they scrutinized and I don’t think it may be possible to apply for a passport without it.
  2. Create a username and password on the Indian Passport Site: http://passportindia.gov.in/
  3. Apply for a new passport and fill up the form the best you can.
  4. Pay the required fees (in my case, it was Rs. 1,000.00)
  5. Wait for a day.
  6. Look at the documents you require to carry with you. They have quite a handy document advisor here:
  7. Go to the PSK at 9am. There wasn’t much of a rush for us and we moved along quickly.
    We actually entered at 9:30am and were out by 10:20am

What happens at the PSK:

  1. Tell the guard outside that you are there for your child – so this is a walk-in. He will let you in. Yes. Your child needs to be with you. Both parents can accompany the child.
  2. Go to the Token counter and hand over all the documents from #4 to #8 listed above.
  3. The guy will make a file for you and give you a token print out.
  4. You then will be asked to go to Counter A.
    In Pune, there are approximately 30 counters for the A Counter and our number came up within 30 seconds of us getting the token. (It will be shown on a screen).
  5. Meet with a friendly guy (probably on TCS roll) who will do the data entry for your documents and scan all your original documents along with the notary approved copies and translations and the passport photo of your child.
  6. He will also take your child’s thumb print via ink pad.
  7. He will also verify your details on your application by looking at the original documents and make the necessary changes.
  8. Once everything is done, you have to go to a waiting room and wait for your token to show up for Counter B.
  9. Counters B and C are Government counters and people won’t be as friendly as from Counter A.
  10. This takes about 5 minutes. Your number will be shown on a screen. There are about 10 counters for Counter B.
  11. The junior officer will verify the documents and sign at a place in your file.
  12. You then have to move to counter C (about 6 counters for C). Wait for your token to show on the screen. Takes again about 5 – 10 minutes.
  13. The senior officer or Granting officer takes the final call on your file and will choose to grant your passport.
  14. He will keep your file with him.
  15. You return your token at a window on your way out.
    In Pune, they compulsorily make you fill the feedback form behind the token.
  16. If your passport is granted, you will probably write happy things.
  17. Exit the building.

Next Steps (via SMS & email updates):

  • Thu: Passport sent for printing
  • Thu: Passport printed
  • Fri: Passport dispatched via Speed Post
  • Sat: Passport arrives at home.

I hope this post was helpful. Please leave your comments below of experiences that you’ve had with the passport office.
If you have any particular question, please add it in the comments and I’ll try my best to address it as well.
Update 01: 29-Oct-2015
As per a comment from Madhuri (see below this post), if you submit only one parent’s passport, your child’s application gets put in for police verification and is not as quick as it can be. Hence, it is recommended to submit passports of both parents (if available) to expedite the process and skip police verification.

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Comments (246)

  • Hasmukh Parekh 6 years ago Reply

    this is really useful information am sure wil help lot of people; which is this passport office

  • Abbas 6 years ago Reply

    Very helpful.Thanks for sharing this.

  • Somesh 5 years ago Reply

    very helpful info.. I also wanted to get my daughters passport. However neither mine nor my wife passport has spouse name endorsed. Also address on our passport is different from from out current address in pune.
    So should i
    a )first apply for re-issue of my wife’s passport ,with spouse name endorsed ? and then apply for child’s passport ?
    b) shall i directly apply for my 1 year old daughter’s passport ?
    If i go with b , then do i need to take appointment ? or can i directly walk-in to Pune -Mundhwa PSK between 9 am to 10:30 am , with all the documents you mentioned. Kindly note that none of parents passport has spouse name endorsed and present address is different than in passport.
    Kindly advice.. Also please share your contact number , that will be helpful. Mine is 8698455444.

    saurabhj 5 years ago Reply

    Hi Somesh,
    1. Spouse names not endorsed – As you can see from my post, this was not required. So I am fairly certain you can get away with this as well.
    2. Address being different doesn’t really matter as long as you have some proof of that address that you can carry when required.
    3. You will HAVE to take an appointment – otherwise you will not be able to enter the building. However, you need not wait for that day and time allotted. For children and senior citizens, you can directly turn up at the service center at the specified time (9 am – 10:30 am) once you have had the appointment letter and other documents.
    I hope this helps.

    Richard Christie 4 years ago

    Hi Somesh,
    They are not issuing passport even if we have valid address proof for present addres. If the parents passport address is different from child’s address.
    I have experienced the same today only

    sanjay 4 years ago

    Hi Richard,
    Can you please tell what did they said to you? Did they accept your application at all or just told you that application can not be accepted.
    I have the same issue. I have every document of pune for myself and my kid, its just that our passport address are from our parent’s place which is not in Maharashtra

    sandeep 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Somesh ji, could you share your experience please

  • Swara 5 years ago Reply

    Hey Saurabh, this was really helpful for us. The only thing that has changed is that one doesn’t need to complete the form online and get a date. For infants it will be a walk in and it’s better to actually get a walk in appointment/form filled the day you decide to go to the passport office at the notary/registar that is right opposite the passport place.

    Sejal Parikh 2 years ago Reply

    is it a walk in only for infants? what about 5 year olds?

    saurabhj 2 years ago

    Walk in is for minors and senior citizens.
    Minors are considered kids under 18 years of age – but under 15 definitely to be safe.
    Though it is not clearly stated on the website, I am inferring from these following links:
    Please see: http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/pdf/Advisory.pdf
    and: http://www.thehindu.com/todays-paper/tp-national/tp-karnataka/now-walkin-appointment-for-more-categories-of-passport-applicants/article4240192.ece
    I hope this helps. But I think for your 5 year old, walk-in should be okay.

  • commentarybox 5 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    This write up has been useful as I was browsing for tips for obtaining the passport for my 4 month old daughter.
    I have gone through the related sites, and have some queries (have not seen these documented anywhere)
    1. Is the presence of minor child mandatory when we visit the passport office after having taken the appointment?
    2. Is the presence of spouse mandatory when we visit the passport office after having taken the appointment?
    Both, my spouse and child are in another city at the moment, and I was planning to take an appointment.

    commentarybox 5 years ago Reply

    Having re-read your post, where you mention that the thumb prints of the child are required, I think the baby is required to be present.

  • Madhuri 5 years ago Reply

    Hi saurabhj,
    Thanks for the article, very useful indeed.
    Pls answer my queries, I have applied for my kid’s passport. I have a passport (spouse name not endorsed) and my spouse doesn’t have a passport (he too applied and completed his certificate verification today) Can i submit marriage registration certificate and DOB certificate and get my kid’s passport done? (if yes, will it have police verification?) or wait till my husband gets his passport? Read somewhere that either of the parent should have a PP and marriage registration certificate

    saurabhj 5 years ago Reply

    Hi Madhuri,
    Technically yes – either parent having a passport is good enough for the child to have a passport.
    If you are in a hurry, you can go and attempt to get your child’s passport (you don’t have to wait for more than a day for the appointment) – so it is worth a shot. Carry your marriage certificate and child’s birth certificate – which should have your name.
    Worse case, they will not approve your request and you will need to get your spouse’s passport done or some other document that they will request. So you will need to make another trip. I don’t think you will need to pay again / file a new application.
    If you are not in a hurry, then I would suggest you wait for your husband’s passport. That would be a safer bet.
    I hope this helps.
    – Saurabh

    Madhuri 5 years ago

    Hi Saurabh,
    Thanks for your reply, going for verification tomorrow.. will update once done.
    Just discovered that the address on the DOB certificate is different from the one I have on my passport and the address given for the passport application (address on my PP and given in the application are same) will this cause any problem?

    saurabhj 5 years ago

    Hi Madhuri, I don’t think the difference in address between the DOB certificate should matter. The passport address will be the address proof that you submit.

    Madhuri 5 years ago

    saurabhj, went for the certificate verification today, no questions were asked and everything went on smoothly. But got an update that police verification is initiated. So looks like incase either of the spouse doesnt have a PP, police verification is mandatory. (they took my spouse’s PP acknowledgement as one of the proofs)

    saurabhj 5 years ago

    Thanks Madhuri for the information. I remember seeing somewhere in cases in which parents are divorced, there needs to be an NOC (no objection certificate) from both the parents (so that one parent cannot run away with the child).
    Hence, the police verification must have come out of this requirement to make sure the case is genuine in which only one parent’s passport is available.
    Anyways, thank you for dropping by and sharing your experience. I’ll update my blog post with this.
    All the best for the police verification and we would love to hear your experience on that as well.

  • Sasmita 5 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh. Useful info. Great write-up!
    I have a passport from one city with my husband’s name’s endorsed. My husband has a passport from another place without my name endorsement. Currently we are staying at a different place altogether. I want to apply for my 1 year old daughter’s passport from my current city of residence (please note neither of us parents have our passports with this address/city). Can we apply for baby’s passport from this location.

    saurabhj 5 years ago Reply

    Yes. I don’t have first hand experienced with this but I would be fairly certain you should be able to. You will need to carry an address proof for the address you need to have in your child’s passport.
    Also, it may be better to have your spouse along with you and his passport to avoid the police verification process.

  • Rashmi 5 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh, thank you or detailed explanation very helpful, my baby is one month old and husband based in Dubai he is coming back in December and we are planning to apply for baby’s passport when he is in town, I had endorsed my husbands name in my passport when i was pregnant in August so that i could go ahead with Baby”s passport if he is not around., Please advice whether original passport of both of us will be kept by the passport office as my husband needs to go back. i have understood that we will have to fill annexure h and i read somewhere that dubai embassy will have to issue a noc saying my husband doesn’t have any objection for our baby to get a passport, but if he is physically present then do we need to get that certificate?

    saurabhj 5 years ago Reply

    Hi Rashmi,
    To answer your queries:
    1. Original passports are never kept. You just need to submit self attested xerox copies of both your passports. (First and Last pages).
    2. Yes. You will need to fill Annexure H.
    3. I don’t believe you need the NOC by the Dubai embassy for anything as this is an Indian passport matter and as long as your husband and you both have an Indian passport, this should not be required. But this is just my opinion.
    4. You can even go alone by yourself for the passport (without the husband or husband’s passport) but in that case, a Police Verification may be required (please see latest comment by Madhuri below).

    Rashmi 5 years ago

    thank you for your quick reply, well-noted

    varsha 5 years ago

    hi sourabh ..the same situations are with me. I live in Rajasthan and my husband is rightnow in Dubai . I want to make passport for my 2 month baby.please tell about all docs related to it. reply soon

    Rashmi 5 years ago

    If Your husband will not be present then he needs to send an noc issued from Dubai embassy stating that ur husband does not have any objection for u to applying a passport for the baby in India and husbands name should be there in ur passport or there will be police verification. I ensured to get it done when my husband was present as we wanted to avoid the police verification, running around embassy thing and to avoid me going inside the passport office alone they dnt allow anyone other than baby’s parents inside its too difficult to carry baby and documents etc. We both went to the passport office on a Thursday we were in at 9.45am and out by 10 .15am, the service was super fast as we had a small baby. We got the passport on saturday. Same was the case when i was pregnant they took good care of me and finished all my procedures in 20mins and i got the passport in 2days. You can even submit your marriage certificate if husband name not endorsed. Documents required were
    Baby birth certificate xopy (original in your hand)
    Husbands passport copy (original in your hand for verification) if not then a copy and the noc from the embassy
    Wife passport copy (original in your hand for verification)
    Annexure h signed by you and your husband download from passport website
    Passport size photo of baby white background dark dress, looking straight ok if eyes closed for babies less than one year (most difficuly and tiring task was clicking a pic, got one proper pic out of almost 50 i took did photo session twice as the photo studio rejected first pics as only one ear of baby could b seen, redid the photo session and managed to get one pic looking straight and with both ears… baby and i both got tired, use a good digi cam if possible)
    We applied online and took the arn print, we did walk in and paid there.
    Please go through the passport seva website and read all the instructions as i might have missed something

    Pallavi 4 years ago

    Hi Rashmi, & Saurbhji
    I am Pallavi…from Pune
    Exactly my case is Same as yours.
    Just day before yesterday i have applied my passport as based on my Husband passport (which endorsed my name).
    We both went to Pune passport office alnog with kids.
    We have 2kids, we need their passport too..
    In the Walk-in Procedure for minor.. is that compulsory required the Online application and appointment receipt??
    Is that that Required to get ARN?? Or do we get there directly??
    On Monday 9th Jan, we planning to Go directly without filling the Online application.
    Kindly suggest as soon as possible.

    saurabhj 4 years ago

    Hi Pallavi,
    When I had filled my kid’s passport a year ago, it was compulsory to fill in the online application.
    Unless you have read somewhere that this is optional now, I think you will still need to fill in before you walk-in.
    The online application also takes payment for the passport – so I _feel_ that this may still be a required step.
    – Saurabh

    Pallavi 4 years ago

    Thank you for fast replies Saurabhj.
    Yaa, i have read somewhere.. that 0-3 year below minor doesn’t need ARN/ Online Application.
    Directly can go and proceed for passport as Walk-In for minors
    Lets see.. On coming Monday we are going without ARN to Apply for both kids.. both are below 3 years.
    I will get back to you.. if had any unexpected scenarios.
    Thank you sir.

    Pallavi 4 years ago

    Hi Saurbhji,
    humm.. yes.. that finally DONE.
    I was went without ARN on Monday – Walk-In Apply for Minors (0-6yr below).
    But it wouldn’t allowed at GATE. The Security said must need “Filled form” with ARN number + Barcode printed.
    This scenarios i too was expected..
    So i already get prepared for this ALSO..
    at Midnight of Sunday i filled up both kids form and Submitted and Clicked on “Print Application Receipt” – It comes with Barcode – Without Appointment and Without payment.
    In the Monday morning – i couldn’t get chance to Print (hard copy) – I thought Soft copy will be accept. But it NOT.. there must Require the Printed Hard Copy. So, that they can SCAN the Barcode and Access your Filled Information Form.
    So, i went near around net cafe and Printed both kids – Submitted Form – With ARN + Barcode. (without any appointment and payment)
    With Hard copy – entered inside – and it done very fast – Walk-In Application – For minors (0-6 below)
    Overall its Good experience, thanks to all folks here and Pune Passport Office…
    Thank you Saurbhji

  • rohit 5 years ago Reply

    Will there be police verification if address is different on passports of both parents and current address?

    saurabhj 5 years ago Reply

    I don’t think so. In my experience and from whatever others have commented, if both parents have passports and are present, then police verification is not required. However, this post is almost a year old now and things could have changed.
    I would truly appreciate it if you can come back after your interview and let us know how it went.
    Thanks for stopping by!

    veera 5 years ago Reply

    Hi Rohit,
    How was your experience? I am in the same situation as yours. Address in my passport, my wife’s passport and my daughter’s passport. I would like to renew my daughter’s passport and our current address different than all the addresses in our passports. we have aadhar cards with current address. In this case, will there be police verification?

  • Ravishankar 5 years ago Reply

    Thanks for the blog. My case is exactly the same as yours – however I want to apply for my child with mother’s name as per passport and not as per birth certificate. Do you know if this is possible?

    saurabhj 5 years ago Reply

    Hi Ravi,
    You should try talking to the TCS guy – who basically fills up and double checks your form.
    At the outset, it may not be possible as in my experience the birth certificate was the primary document they used to fill / check all details from and the parents’ passport was for verification purposes mostly.
    Would appreciate it if you could drop by again and update us with your experience in this regard.

  • Prasad 5 years ago Reply

    I would like to apply for my 2yrs old baby. My passport doesn’t have spouse name endorsed and my wife has recently applied for passport. My name is mentioned as spouse name in her application. Shall we apply for my baby passport now.
    Or It is really required my passport needs to be updated with my wife name

    saurabhj 5 years ago Reply

    Hi Prasad, thanks for stopping by.
    If you read the post, that is exactly what the post describes. You do not need to have your passport updated – you can apply now also – but to save you a police verification, it is better that both parents have their passports.

    Rashmi 5 years ago

    Hi Saurabh any one person can have spouse name endorsed… in our case only I had endorsed husbands name in my passport he did not have my name otherwise police verification will b required

    Prasad 5 years ago

    Thanks for your response.
    My wife has applied for passport and we got the file number. Do you want us to wait until we get her passport or shall we apply with her file number.

  • Husain Yunus 5 years ago Reply

    Dear SaurabhJ,
    Great article and information. I have a couple of queries which i cant get my head around.
    I have been told that since my permanent address on passport is of different state (Gujarat) I will have to take my infant child (a couple of weeks old) from Mumbai to Ahmedabad as that would be the PSK applicable. Is this the case or can i apply in Mumbai PSK?
    Both me & my wife have each other’s name endorsed with same permanent address. Will this suffice as am i required to carry an additional address proof?
    The Mumbai Municipal office has not corrected updated the ‘Parents permanent address’ section as per our passport (that of Gujarat) and simply left it as Mumbai, Maharastra… will this be an issue? The name of the baby/DOB & parents name are absolutely fine.
    I work in the gulf and need to get my baby’s passport made at the earliest and would really appreciate accurate information on my queries.

    saurabhj 5 years ago Reply

    Hi Hussain,
    I am really sorry as my experience has been completely different than yours and I cannot provide a definite answer.
    What I would say is that considering there is no appointment (wait time) required for your baby’s passport, you should just go ahead and give it a shot.
    Worst case, you lose a day. Best case, everything goes through (like it did for us).
    If someone else who has subscribed to the comments section of this blog has more information, I am sure they will add it in.
    Also, it would be great if you could come back and give us an update of what actually happened so that others can be better informed.

  • Vishnu V Potti 5 years ago Reply

    Normally we dont expand initials in the birth certificate right. Or Is it mandatory that the full name in the birth certificate should exactly match as we need in passport where we have to expand all initials.
    As Birth certificate is the only document, i am confused.

    saurabhj 5 years ago Reply

    Hi Vishnu,
    I think mostly it should be okay – but yours is a special query and I would recommend you call the Helpdesk number and ask them. The number is: 1800-258-1800
    But I think it should mostly be okay. There is no other way considering only birth certificate is available.
    All the best and do let us know if it worked for you.

    Nalls 5 years ago

    Thanks for the prompt reply Sourabh. Did you applied through normal or Tatkal when you got the passport in 3 days. I am assuming there won’t be any police verification because the address in my son and wife passport are same and I want to keep the same address. However my passport is having us address. Please clarify.

    saurabhj 5 years ago

    I had booked via the normal process and the address on my and my child’s passport were the same and my wife’s passport had her maternal address (same city though). So other than the fact that you have a US address on your passport, our situation is exactly the same.

    Vishnu 5 years ago

    Thanks saurabh

  • Nalls 5 years ago Reply

    Hi Sourabh
    This is really excellent post with all the required details. Im in US now and looking for my 4 yr old child passport. I booked an appointment for 29-Mar(Application Type is Normal and missed to select Tatkal) but due to some emergency I will not be able make it on 29-Mar.
    So here are my questions. Could you please clarify when you get some time:
    1. Can I walkin on 28-Mar( 1 day prior to appointment) to PSK with all the required details( I beleive you already clarified this but just want to confirm)
    2. if we are allowed, How many days it will take to get the passport( not Tatkal)
    Thanks in advance.

    saurabhj 5 years ago Reply

    Thanks for stopping by.
    1. Yes. You should be able to. You should be able to walk-in anytime.
    2. Hmm.. your mileage may really vary on this. It comes down to police verification. I have heard of normal passports arriving within a week if no police verification is required.
    However, if a police verification is required, it may take longer. Worst cases I have heard about is 25 – 30 days.
    If you need it faster, you will need to speak to the Passport Assistant Officer. Maybe you can pay the tatkaal difference and upgrade.
    See this on: http://passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/online/faqServicesAvailable
    Q76: I have submitted my passport under the normal procedure, but now I need my passport urgently. Can I convert my application to a Tatkaal application?
    A: You need to visit Assistant Passport Officer at your nearest PSK
    All the best and do drop by again and let us know how it went for you!

    Nalls 5 years ago

    Thanks for the prompt reply Sourabh. Did you applied through normal or Tatkal when you got the passport in 3 days. I am assuming there won’t be any police verification because the address in my son and wife passport are same and I want to keep the same address. However my passport is having us address. Please clarify.

  • Nalls 5 years ago Reply

    Thank you so much again. Yes, it seems the similar situation. Let me try for a Tatkal option when I walkin if not I hope the normal process will done quickly without police verification. I will keep you posted.

    Nalls 4 years ago Reply

    Hi sourabh
    My son’s passport renewal went very smooth and I got the passport in hand in less than 48 hours.
    Thank you.

    saurabhj 4 years ago

    That is really great. Thank you for coming back and letting us know and congratulations on your son’s passport.
    Happy travels 🙂
    – Saurabh

  • jo 5 years ago Reply

    hi,am applying for my daughters passport who is 21 months old now,my husband is in u.s and i want to apply alone so what all required documents to be carried at psk?

  • jen j 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks for actually bothering to give a detailed write-up on this. I am sure that this will be of great help for several others as it has been for us.

  • sur 4 years ago Reply

    Should both parents accompany the child…..or one is enough. …

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    One is enough. Both don’t need accompany the child – but it helps (depending on how old your child is).
    My kid was 8 months old so it did help that both of us were there.

    Shiva 4 years ago

    Hi saurabhj,
    Wondering if the security guard would allow us to go inside the PSK if any immediate family member will accompany the child along with spouse if one parent cannot make it?
    I guess we really need a support since my baby is only a month.
    Please advise. Thanks in advance!

    saurabhj 4 years ago

    Hi Shiva,
    To be honest it depends on the security guard and his mood on that day but I have generally seen them to be very accommodating. So they should probably allow a relative if you explain the situation. All the best!

  • Jinesh Jain 4 years ago Reply

    Hello. I and my wife both have passports with spouse endorsements. But now we have recently moved to different location in same town. We do not have address proof in my name? What should I do? Can I put my old address?

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Jinesh,
    Yes. You could put the old address if there is someone there to collect the passport.
    You can also put the new address on your child’s passport I think. For example, my wife’s passport has her parents address and my passport and my child’s passport had my parents address. It was not a problem.

  • Jinesh Jain 4 years ago Reply

    I and my wife both have passports with spouse endorsements. But now we have moved to different location in same town 2 months ago. Now I want to apply for passport for my 2 year daughter. We do not have address proof in the new address What should I do? Can I put my old address in the application?
    Please guide me..

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Jinesh,
    Yes. You could put the old address if there is someone there to collect the passport.
    You can also put the new address on your child’s passport I think. For example, my wife’s passport has her parents address and my passport and my child’s passport had my parents address. It was not a problem.

  • Shiva 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Sourabh,
    This is really a great article and information. Could you please answer my queries?
    If parents hold a valid passport, but spouse name is not endorsed, then they both must get the spouse name added in their both passport? or any of one parent passport has spouse name endorsed will be sufficient enough?
    Thanks in advance.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Siva,
    As I have mentioned in the post, under the “Spouse Name Endorsement” section – it did not matter for us. Hope this helps.

  • Chinnu Nishant 4 years ago Reply

    I applied passport for my 6 month old baby via tatkal. We expected it to be dispatched the very next day (Saturday). But that was a holiday for post office and we had to wait till Monday to get the passport. Since me and my husband had to get back to work in Chennai, we left. My in laws went to collect the passport from post office, and they denied the acceptance saying my baby should be present while collecting the passport. Is the presence of the baby mandatory during passport reception? Can somebody please answer my query.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Chinnu, any reason as to why your parents went to the post office and you didn’t wait for them to deliver it home?
    My kids passport came to my parents house as that is our official address. As that postman knows me well, he handed over the passport without any issue.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    I think if they deliver home to your address it should not be an issue. You can say that the baby has gone out somewhere, etc.

  • Chinnu Nishant 4 years ago Reply

    We recently shifted to our new house and both our passports have my husband’s grand parents address. So, the post master knows we don’t stay in that address. Hence gave us a call when the passport reached post office. You have any idea if the baby has to be present while collecting the passport?

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    “Technically” yes. They can ask to see the baby. They are doing their job.
    Your situation is complicated as you are going to collect a passport and it is not being delivered to an address.
    If you go to the courier to pick up a parcel, you need to provide a valid photo identity.
    I guess if you are unable to present the baby, you can explain the situation and ask if a letter of authority from the parents or some other document (baby’s birth certificate would do).

  • Pallavi Ajish 4 years ago Reply

    My child’s passport is on hold due to they said sworn form is not there with us with indian ambesy though we submitted “G” form as my husband is not here and where he stays the indian ambesy is too far so we could not give sworn form but we submitted “G” form with the magistrates approval , so till when we may visit again the PSK, as my husband is abroad and will be back in 2 months so can we wait until he is back. As someone told me that for kids and senior citizens we can go anyday within the whole year in PKS if the procedure is on hold. Pls help me in this matter as Iam bit confused.
    Thanks Pallavi Ajish.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Pallavi, for children and the elderly, you can walk in anytime even for new appointments. You still need to take an appointment letter (actual date of appointment doesn’t matter).
    If your application is on hold, you can walk in anytime – no matter the age of the applicant as long as you have a document stating that your application is on hold.

  • PRIYANKAR SINGH 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh
    We tried applying for our kids pp today. Although, the process was pretty quick, they did raise the red light on the spouse name not endorsed. We went through as a walk-in applicant and didn’t schedule an appointment.
    The lady asked us to get the spouse name endorsed or book an appointment. Not sure about the funda though, if you have any details please share
    Did you book an appointment, Saurabh or went through as a walk-in?

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Priyankar,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. It is quite weird and I do not understand the funda of the choices they are offering you.
    1. My wife and I both DO NOT have our names in the spouse endorsement.
    2. My wife infact, has her old surname on her passport (before marriage)
    3. The birth certificate of my child has my wife’s name after marriage (my surname)
    4. We DID take an appointment and walked in the next day
    Inspite of #1, #2 and #3, they processed it quickly without any questions asked or police verification done.
    I suggest you simply book an appointment and walk in the next day.
    Do drop by and let us know whether it went through for you.
    – Saurabh

    PRIYANKAR SINGH 4 years ago

    Hi Saurabh
    Attempt 2 for Minor passport application:
    I am not sure if the security at the gate were confused but they required a walk-in ARN (i.e ARN with no appointment date – as per them) to enter the PSK. As you suggested, we did schedule an appointment and took along a print-out of that as well with the “walk-in ARN”
    So finally, we entered with a little confusion at the gate. Inside I was still nervous about the Spouse endorsement and the “walk-in ARN” but it went by fine and the same lady who had sent us back last time verified all the documents, attached the ARN with no appointment ,also validating the new ARN with the scheduled appointment and we finally got the prized TOKEN.
    The turnstile gate wasn’t working with the scan code in the token, so just ask them to print it again
    OR better yet just ask the security to let you go through from the second door
    We moved to Counter Segment A, everything went by smooth and I thank TCS and the one who hired them to resolve the chaos (I had tried renewing my passport in 2010 and I say “tried” cause I had visited the Passport office 5 times missing my work for the whole days)
    The friendly guys at TCS are pretty co-operative helping with the infant thumb-print etc.
    Then we were allotted a B counter and that is where the nightmares of 2010 started creeping back in. Yes, they will get the work done but we had to run back and forth to B-A-B counters thrice.
    1) the official advised as Spouse name wasn’t endorsed, we had to get the Marriage certificate xeroxed, attested and scanned, so back to A and then once scanned, sent back to B
    2) this time we were not allotted the same B counter, so we went up and TADA – the government official says – you didn’t need to submit marriage certificate if name is not endorsed but you will need to submit a no-name certificate
    My son’s name is not in the birth certificate and even though we had the Annexure H which was attested by both parents, we had to get a No-Name affidavit from the xerox counter which would be signed by me as father, scanned at counter A and sent back to B
    3) I thank the heavens and god that it was the same counter from iteration 2 or we would be running across counters again for some arbitrary document xerox. He verified the documents and approved and finally we were sent to C.
    We did read the sign board that there would be govt officials at Counter C and I thought maybe we would have to skip lunch today but thanks to the sweet lady at Counter C, she verified all the documents, smiled at my son and asked us to collect the receipt at exit counter.
    To avoid confusion, there is an exit counter just behind counter C where you submit your token to get the receipt for the passport. Return the file shell to the attendant after the exit counter and you are done.
    This entire process took a little less than 2 hours and it could have been lesser if we had got all the documents xeroxed and scanned, even if they weren’t mentioned on the PSK site.
    Now, I have received a status of pre-police verification, thanks to the TCSPSK SMS service. I would like to know if there are any pending formalities, that we need to complete to expedite or continue this process.

    saurabhj 4 years ago

    Thanks for the in-depth comment Priyankar. Appreciate it. Congratulations on completing the process. I think it should be good to go now.
    I didn’t understand what pre police verification means. Are you required to do a police verification?

    PRIYANKAR SINGH 4 years ago

    Yes Saurabh, the application status is “Police Verification Request has been initiated to XXXX Thana”
    Don’t know, why they have pushed for Police verification of a minor

  • ASHISH JAIN 4 years ago Reply

    Dear Saurabh,
    I am also staying in Pune but my home town in Jaipur, last week I with my wife and 2 month baby go for her passport at jaiput passport office, I took all the document as per your suggestion But they refused by saying in the parents passport spouse name endorsed is must. Could you please tell me what I have to do in that case? Shall we reissue both me and my wife passport with spouse name endorsed. Or only reissue of wife passport is enough?? As I raised visa stamping request for my passport, and at this time I don’t want to do anything with my passport.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Ashish,
    Did you happen to take an appointment online or did you simply walk in?
    A recent comment by Priyankar (see above) mentioned that the PSK people asked them to EITHER
    1) Get spouse name endorsed — OR —
    2) Take an appointment.
    They had walked in without taking an appointment.
    From my experience, I was able to get the passport done WITHOUT any endorsements. (I had taken an appointment and then walked in the next day).
    If you DEFINITELY HAVE to endorse the passport, then you’ll have to get both the passports endorsed I guess.
    However, if you see the comments on this blog post, no one I know HAD to get it endorsed.
    Maybe it is a system with the Jaipur PSK or the person you encountered?
    Maybe you can go again hoping you’ll get someone else — or maybe the rules have changed now (which I doubt)
    Do let us know what you tried and what worked for you.
    All the best!
    – Saurabh

    PRIYANKAR SINGH 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Ashish
    You can try scheduling an appointment for your baby and walk-in the next day. Keep both the ARNs, the one without appointment (i.e print out of ARN without payment) and the one with appointment (i.e print out of ARN with payment and scheduled date printed). Actually, they attached the ARN with no appointment with the documents submitted, the ARN with appointment was not scanned as part of required documents
    Hope this gets you through the process.
    In case, they do raise a red flag and spouse endorsement is a must, you can get your wife’s passport endorsed; use the application number for the passport change to file for your baby’s passport
    Spouse endorsement of any parent is good enough. I am sorry I dont have the link to the statement, but if you go through the FAQs on the PSK portal you will be able to find it
    All the best

  • Poorva Kuber 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    Ur information is soooo useful and it feels good to learn that parent’s name need not be endorsed in each other’s passports.
    However as per the process we did go in for endorsement and reissue of our passports…. and made a small mistake!!!
    My Husband’s application was for addition of spouse name and went thru successfully.
    My application was for spouse name addition and change of address while retaining my maiden name (I have a valid USA Visa in that name). I was sent back to get a document that has my maiden name and new address which is not possible as I hv all my other documents in my post marriage name. I got a Marriage Affidavit done. Does anyone have any idea if affidavits work in such cases?
    Meanwhile we realised that on one side I’m applying for a reissue of passport in my maiden name… we got my post marriage name endorsed in my Husband’s passport. Not having names endorsed altogether is a different thing… and having such discrepancy in mother’s name is a different thing.
    Now I don’t understand if my application will go thru on the basis of an affidavit
    Do I hv to go through an entire process… as in counters A B C or will I be asked to report counter B directly as the application was held up there?
    If my application does go thru, will it create a problem when we apply for our daughter’s passport as her mother’s name in her mother’s and father’s passport will not match?
    Do / can they edit application for name change at counter B or at a stage when file no is already generated?
    Will I need to cancel this application and reapply for reissue with name change? How is a cancellation done?
    I am so confused and I don’t know how to explain this to the ppl at PSK… will they hear me out… understand the issue and give me a solution? Who shud I meet there? Shud I try n meet some officer before my appointment or just keep explaining people and throwing queries at them as I pass thru different counters. I’m already tired before my appointment.
    It’s scheduled for tomorrow morning and I’ll be at peace only after I finish it

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Poorva,
    I’m sorry I cannot be help with regards to the Marriage affidavit thing. Logically, I think it should work (we carried our marriage certificate).
    However, you can always talk to the helpdesk at the PSK – I remember seeing one “May I help you” counter.
    If not, the TCS folks are quite helpful and corrected the mother’s name for us as well on the passport (name on my wife’s passport was different from the birth certificate).
    Hope everything works out for you! All the best!

  • Joslyn 4 years ago Reply

    Hi All,
    Passing on my experience as it may help most of the people out there in the order what needs to be done first
    1) Get your child’s birth certificate corrected – very important step as name appearing on the passport will be as per the name on the birth certificate, includes parents as well.
    2) Husband and wife should endorse each others name on the passports – helps reduce the additional leg of police verification – but again this is at the descretion of the passport officer
    3) Documents in place
    – Aadhaar Card is mandatory for both parents with their current names and address
    – Annexure H
    – Parents Passports
    – Bank Passbook with the exact name/address
    In my case my wife’s middle name was not there on the birth certificate and they asked us at CTR B to remove the middle name for which the guy sent me to the APO at Andheri PSK. The APO breezed through the documents and told us that the form is accepted and to exit out. The passport application was made on 6-6-16 and till date the status shows Under Review at Regional Passport Office, not sure what they are upto but when you call those #s there are no updates whats so ever.

    India 2016 4 years ago Reply

    I am a British passport holder currently living in india. I applied for my wife’s (reissue) and two minor sons (8 and 9 years)Indian passport in Patna PSK on 20th June. I received my wife’s indian passport on Saturday i.e. within a week.Police verification done on Sunday.My wife’s status shows that her passport has been dispatched by speed post and my son’s status show that under review at regional passport office since I received my wife’s passport. No further progress. And one more thing, the guy who visited home on Sunday for police verification demanded rs.1500? Anyway no updates so far . Confused.

  • Puja 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    I took and appointment for my 10 months old son however my experince was not pleasant like yours. His application had been put on hold twice. The problems are, my name on his Birth certifacte has my husband’s surname whereas on my passport it is my original (father’s surname). They made a big fuss out of it, although note that my husband’s name is endoresed on my passport. So yesterday they asked me to make a affidavit stating that my old name has been changed to the new name, also issue this news in two newspapers. They gave me an appointment which is 10 days after.
    I got the affidavit and news thing done from the notary office outside PSK.
    now waiting for the apopointment date

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Puja, thank you for your comment and I am sorry to hear that your procedure is not as smooth.
    Basically our situation is similar to yours except that when we got my wife’s aadhar card made, we changed her surname to mine – which matches the birth certificate. Not very sure if we submitted the Aadhar card but I remember carrying our marriage certificate which they had seen.

  • vidya 4 years ago Reply

    For kids below 3 years is police verification necessary?

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Vidya,
    Basically police verification in the case of passports for children is requested at the discretion of the passport officer.
    There are cases in which if parents are separated, one parent might try to take a child to another country, etc.
    Hence, if the passport officer feels that the parents are (happily?) married and there is no hanky-panky, they might not request a police verification.
    It helps if both parents are present, the names post marriage are correct and if spouse endorsement has been made on the passports.
    Though, for us, no police verification was requested even though spouse names were not endorsed. However, both of us were present and the names and everything were good.
    Hope this helps.

  • Shreesh 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh, I want to apply passport for my 13 months old daughter. But, I have challenge regarding address proof. Me and my wife both are not living in our parental places but the address in our passports belong to our parental places. We were in Delhi after marriage but shifted to Bangalore an year before. Currently, I am travelling out of India and My wife has gone to Indore (Her brother’s place). She has recently updated her bank address as Indore address for this purpose but that’s not one year old (Just 2 weeks old). If she submits her bank statement with bank seal, will that be sufficient as address proof ? Incase passbook is required, we need to wait minimum a week again.
    Rest all documents we have. Please suggest.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Shreesh, we had the same situation as you in which both our addresses were our parents.
    The difference though is that I gave my child’s address as my parents address and it worked out for us.
    Because I submitted my passport, I didn’t have to submit additional address proof.
    So if your parents address is valid and someone can receive the passport there, that would be the most seamless experience.
    However, if this is not possible, I would suggest just go ahead with whatever docs you have. Worse case, you will have to come back one more time. I am assuming the PSK is in your city.
    If this is not the case, then you should call their customer care for advice.
    Hope this helps.

  • Shreesh 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks Saurabh. Unfortunately, there is none to receive passport at either of the addresses in our passport. Also, the PSK is in Bhopal not Indore :-). My wife will submit the current address proof she has, for correspondence. Let’s hope for the positive result.
    Thank you for your response. Yes, it certainly helps and thank for posting this as guidance for others. Great work.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Shreesh,
    In that case, it might be worthwhile to give their customer care number a call: 1800-258-1800
    They aren’t always helpful (weren’t in my case) – but you never know 🙂 Might save you an additional trip.
    All the best! And if possible, I would appreciate if you can drop in again once your application is processed and let us all know how it went.

    Shreesh 4 years ago

    Sure Saurabh. I will share the final result of my case. I called this number earlier but these guys hardly respond with relevant information.

  • Swapnadip 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    I’m currently out of India. I would like to apply for my daughter’s passport. My name is endorsed in my wife’s passport and address is same in both the passports.
    Is it mandatory for both the parents to be present and is it necessary to carry both the passports in original to the PSK ?

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Swapnadip,
    Atleast one parent needs to be present. If both parents + passports are present, you may be able to skip police verification.
    However, even 1 parent + passport should is good enough to apply.

  • Aniruddha Medhi 4 years ago Reply

    Hii saurabh…thanks for the great info….i have a query…hope you can help.
    I belong to Assam, a permanent resident and I have a passport but my daughter is born in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. So, in which place should I apply for the passport of my daughter?

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Aniruddha, as far as I know, you can apply for a passport anywhere in the country.
    It does not depend on your place of birth.

  • Shreesh 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    It was hard luck for me as my daughter’s passport request was not taken. Passport officers asked my wife to submit original NOC from me on letter head of Indian embassy in Australia. I was surprised to hear this because my wife was carrying my deputation letter and NOC letter from my side authorizing her as local guardian, but they wanted that authorization letter on Indian embassy letter head. I think this too much of requirement and nowhere mentioned on passport website. But, we can’t fight with government system.
    I am hoping better luck next time. But, others having same situation as mine can take lesson from my case.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Shreesh, I am really sorry to hear that. That is really tough luck.
    Thank you for sharing your update with us.
    When I was at the PSK, I overheard a TCS person explaining that cases in which parents are separated and one parent takes the child and moves to another country are on the rise – hence they tend to be suspicious when one parent is not accompanying the child.
    I hope the letter won’t be difficult to procure from the embassy. All the best.

  • Rupali 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh, We want to get our son’s passport renewed. There is no address change, name of spouse is endorsed on our passports, We have valid address proof and also my son’s birth certificate. I (Mother of the kid) am in USA and cant go to PSK with my passport. I have signed Annexure H and send it to India. Also My husband got attested copy of my passport. My husband has his own passport and my kids passport in original. Will they consider my request or they will ask for sworn affidavit from Indian embassey in USA?

    Rupali 4 years ago Reply

    My Son is 6 year old and we are applying for minor passport renewal.

    saurabhj 4 years ago

    Hi Rupali, I am afraid your case is too specific and my experience too limited to help you out with your query. I think it would be best to contact the call center or even send an email to the embassy directly with your query. All the best!

  • MG 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    Your post was very helpful to read through. Atleast gives a positive feel, and a decent break to my cold sweat I am running through.
    My daughter was born on 15 Oct last year, and I am yet to collect the birth certificate from the municipal office. Our travel plan is in Oct first week to Singapore, so leaves me with 2 months. Within this timeframe, 1. collect birth certificate, 2. apply for passport for infant 3. apply for visa for all of us. I am just too tensed. Both me and my wife are passport holders with our names cross-printed in each others passport.
    Does the visa arrive that fast, dont they administer the police verification? Normal vs Tatkal?
    I have another hindrance, both me and my wife are government employees so do we need to carry some extra docs or approvals?
    Look forward to hear from you.
    But no doubt your post brings in a bit of optimism and hope to me.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi MG, In Pune, the birth certificate arrives within 7 days after registering for it. You should file for a Tatkaal passport for your child so police verification will happen post Passport coming (if at all).

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi MG,
    In Pune, where I am from, the birth certificate you can pick up a week after registering for it from your Municipal office. This is essential for the passport and you will have trouble if you don’t have the birth certificate.
    You should also apply for a Tatkaal passport for your child. That ways, you should get it under a week and police verification will happen later (if at all). Considering you have names endorsed and stuff, it should go smoothly for you.
    Singapore visas take a week. When we went, we filled up the form online and paid money at the Thomas Cook website.
    You then have to go to a Thomas Cook center and give them the passport. It takes 7 days if you live in a metro type city. Longer if they have to courier your passport far to the consulate. Anyways, assume 10 days max. So I think you should be good time wise.
    All the best and let us know how it went for you.

  • Preeti 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Sourabh, I m a single mother not divorced yet wanted to apply for my daughter’s passport without consent of her father can I apply for it without his sign.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Preeti, with whatever I have heard it is very difficult to procure a passport without the father’s consent if not impossible.
    When you say ‘single mother not divorced’ do you mean you are not married and have adopted a child? In that case, it may be possible.
    If you are married and separated, then you cannot get a passport without the father’s consent.

    Saweta 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot for the help I have one question this is more about the form where basically my baby is born on 11th Feb 2016, and when I fill the address for the baby it asks since how long am I living here and when I say 11 Feb 2016, it expects me to add previous address without which i cant click next, so how can i fill my baby’s form? I mean the baby before 11 feb has no other address and mothers womb isnt valid 🙂
    Sorry If I am confusing you but basically me and wife live at this address sine 6 years but how do I sort this on form?
    Thanks in advance

    saurabhj 4 years ago

    Hello, I think you can assume it is the parents and not how long the child has been living there. So you can write 6 years I think.

    Saweta 4 years ago

    Thanks for that but when I write a date before it’s birth it says error and that date cant be older than date of birth 🙁
    Any help thanks again

    Poorva Kuber 4 years ago

    Are you editing an already filled pdf form? I was making changes to my form while filling it for my daughter and faced the same issue. Download a fresh application and start again. There shud not be any problem then

    Saweta 4 years ago

    Thanks for the reply, no i started a fresh online form (Not the downloadable PDF) and am having this issue no matter how many times I restart 🙁
    Also can someone tell me what documents do I have to take only the baby’s birth certificate or are there more documents? Sorry for asking so much just not able to get clear information
    Thanks again

  • Preeti 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Sourabh can I apply for my daughter’s passport though I am single mother and not yet divorced. Plz explain.

  • Ajay Ghuguskar 4 years ago Reply

    Hi sourabh, I am Ajay Ghuguskar from Nagpur, I don’t have passport and my wife’s passport is having her before marriage, can we apply for our son’s passport

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Ajay,
    I am not really sure anymore. Lots of things have changed recently (as you can see from the comments), so it would be best to call the customer-care number and get your query answered. I think you may need additional documents or an affidavit if your passport is not present or if your names are not endorsed.

    Rupali 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Ajay, I had same case like yours when we applied for my 2 year old son’s passport in Pune. Officer asked to submit parents documents (id and address proof) and my sons birth certificate. Then it was followed by police verification (although minors will not have police verification, my son had it). But everything went smoothly. And then we got my son’s passport. So it is possible to get kids passport even if we don’t have fathers passport and name is not endorsed on parents passport.

  • Poorva Kuber 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh… here’s a latest update from me as we visited Pune PSK for our 9 month old daughter’s passport today.
    The process is still pretty much hassle free as you mentioned and we could see the ppl there at all 3 counters processing it really fast for the minor.
    But some things have changed…
    1. Our appointment was for today at 12 but we chose to walk in to finish it early in the morning. The lady at the token counter first scared me by telling me that we hv to wait till 12 as walk in is not allowed for appointment holders but later asked me to get a permission from the APO who surprisingly easily allowed us to (my experience with the same APO during my passport appointment hasn’t been good). All this while my husband was made to wait outside the token hall. So just walk in isn’t easy anymore.
    2. The TCS lady at counter A specifically checked whether our names were endorsed in each other’s passports. She mentioned so. Thus going there without endorsing names may call for another trip.
    3. She also specifically checked whether the child’s address and the address in parents passport is the same. Ours were same so don’t know what happens in case of discrepancy
    Rest all was smooth and we came out of the building in 30 mins flat. It would have been 20 mins only, had that permission thing not cropped up.
    So for us… parents passport with names endorsed and matching addresses… and child’s birth certificate and photo were the only documents required.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks Poorva for the update. I have been seeing similar comments of late and I think they might have changed things in the past year or so.
    I am going to update my blog post to reflect your comment. Thanks again.

    Ravi 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Poorva,
    How did you fill the address section in the form. As raised by Saweta:
    “where basically my baby is born on 11th Feb 2016, and when I fill the address for the baby it asks since how long am I living here and when I say 11 Feb 2016, it expects me to add previous address without which i cant click next, so how can i fill my baby’s form? I mean the baby before 11 feb has no other address and mothers womb isnt valid 🙂
    Sorry If I am confusing you but basically me and wife live at this address sine 6 years but how do I sort this on form?”
    So I am surprised, how did you fill the form.

    saurabhj 4 years ago

    Hi Ravi,
    So, just to test this out for you, I logged in and created a new application.
    This is the online form and not the PDF downloaded (offline) form.
    DOB: 09/08/2016 (9-Aug-2016)
    Living in Present Address from: Aug-2016
    Clicking on Next, I am taken directly to the “Emergency Contact” option and don’t have to enter any previous details.
    I am on a Windows 10 Machine using Chrome (browser) if that helps.
    Sometimes the issue could be browser specific. You can also try clearing your cache / starting a new Incognito Mode session.
    Hope this helps and you are able to sort this out. Doesn’t seem to be happening to a lot of people.

    Poorva Kuber 4 years ago

    Yes… me too tried a dummy application.
    I googled for the application and downloaded a pdf form. It was not the same as I had filled and yes like u ppl r saying it did ask for previous address or to fill some supplementary form.
    I thot they must hv updated the form… but my daughter’s application is just 3 weeks old.
    So I searched again n found the one I had filled. The conclusion is that there are 2 forms… I don’t know why.
    The first ZIP file was named Passport_App_Form_V1.0
    The second ZIP file was PassportApplicationForm_Main_English_V3.0. This was the correct one and they hv mentioned it’s update date to be 0/06/2016.
    Looks like u r filling the V1.0 wala form.
    Here’s the link-
    Hope this helps ☺

  • Nidhi R Singh 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks for the useful blog. Me and my husband’s passports have each other’s names endorsed in the spouse column. But our addresses are different as we shifted after our daughter’s birth. My husband has old address on his passport which matches our daughter’s birth certificate address. But my (mother’s) passport has the current address. My questions are:
    Do I, mother, apply for the passport since my passport has current address that ideally should be on our daughter’s passport?
    Should her father apply as his passport and our daughter’s birth certificate has same address (but we don’t live there anymore)
    Should we mention my husband’s permanent address (paternal home) as our daughter’s permanent address?
    Thank you in advance.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Nidhi, we had a similar situation to yours. My daughters birth certificate and my passport had my paternal address- so we applied with that and was able to get it done hassle free. Of course there is someone at that address to collect the passport.
    The rules could have changed — but given the options, I feel going with the address which is on the birth certificate + husbands passport provided you can collect the passport there would have the highest probability of hassle free success though you should technically be able to apply with your own address as well.
    All the best! Hope this was helpful.

  • Sarang 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh, Thanks for sharing this useful information.
    My case: Name on my wife’s passport as well as and on the child’s birth certificate is the one before marriage.However wife’s endorsed name on my passport is having MY surname (post marriage).
    I understand there is inconsistency across documents here and I will have to change name of my wife to post marriage on her passport and also on birth certificate
    I am in urgent need of my child’s passport so going ahead for birth certificate name change would potentially be very time consuming.
    I am planning to keep mothers name as her maiden on child’s passport (as this is present on all documents except endorsed name on my passport)
    Any idea if this is likely to cause any problems at PSK and need advise from someone who may have had similar case. Thanks in advance

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Sarang. I would say, it depends from PSK to PSK. However, the rules currently seem to be a bit strict and I have a feeling that the PSK people may cause issues.
    However, as time is short, I would suggest you go ahead and apply anyways. Worse case is you will lose a day. Best case is it will go through.
    You can also request to speak to the passport officer if things don’t go according to plan and see if he can help. All the best and let us know how it worked out for you. In the meanwhile, I hope someone else in the comments can chime in with their similar experience.

    Sarang 4 years ago

    Hi Saurabh,
    Many Thanks for suggestion. We went to Pune PSK on 30th Aug. To my surprise everything went smoothly without any issues and we received passport on 4th day !
    I applied online in normal category ,took print out of form along with required documents and walked-in at sharp 9:00 am. Our documents were checked at reception and we were asked to go to counter A.
    At counter A we were asked if mother has any documents issued post marriage. We didn’t have any but looked like it was not mandatory and the lady at counter A allowed us to proceed to counter B. All went smooth at counter B, no questions asked. At last counter C, granting officer asked my wife if she has changed name after marriage. Our answer was No ….and passport granted !! Entire process (reception +all 3 counters) completed in less than 40 mins. Appreciate the way TCS has streamlined processes. Police verification was not required as I had my wife’s name endorsed on passport
    Thanks again for your suggestion

    saurabhj 4 years ago

    That’s great Sarang. Congratulations. Happy for you and thanks for coming back and sharing your experience. Very helpful and I am sure it will definitely help future readers of the post.

  • Vinoth 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Sourabh, my wife’s name in her passport is XX YY (given name) and ZZ (surname). However, in our marriage certificate, my son’s birth certificate and in my passport, her name appears as XX YY only. Would I be able to apply for a passport for my month old son with mother’s name as XX YY?

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Vinoth, for us, they put the name as per the birth certificate.
    My wife’s name on her passport is XX YY (pre-marriage) and on the child’s birth certificate is: XX YY ZZ
    On the application, I had put the mother’s name as: XX YY and the TCS person changed it to XX YY ZZ (which was on the birth certificate).
    So, it should work for you mostly — but things have changed recently and your PSK might have an issue — but I think it should mostly be okay.
    All the best!

    Nipun jain 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Vinoth,
    I am curious what happened in your case?
    My wife’s passport has her name as XX (First Name) and YY (Last Name – before marriage). She hasn’t changed her name and our marriage certificate also lists her name as XX YY.
    My 1 year old daughter got her birth certificate with mother’s name listed as XX YY ZZ (ZZ being my last name).
    I am wondering if getting my daughter’s passport will be impacted since mother name is XX YY in her passport but XX YY ZZ in the daughter’s birth certificate.
    We don’t have the spouse name endorsed in any of our passports so I was wondering whether I should get a reissued passport with my wife, with XX YY ZZ name – not sure if marriage certificate with XX YY will work for it (missing ZZ).

    saurabhj 4 years ago

    Hi Nipun, almost the same case as us. My advice would be to attempt to get your child’s passport with whatever you have currently. It worked for us and might work for you. Getting a passport reissue = almost getting a new passport so it may be worthwhile to take a chance. Worst case if they reject and you get sent back, you lose only a few hours.

    nipunjainain 4 years ago

    Thanks Saurabh. We had to get the passport reissued for my wife anyway, so that we had 1 parent passport with spouse name endorsed. The renewal happened with her maiden name XX YY only. Once we get the new passport, we will apply for my daughter’s passport, and see if they accept the birth certificate with mother name as XX YY ZZ. If they send us back, we will get the birth certificate changed.

  • Ashish jain 4 years ago Reply

    Dear saurabh,
    I applied passport for my 6 month baby, every thing was smooth and all three counter was done in 30 min. We have spouse name endorsed in passport. Now when i am checking status online its showing “Passport application has been granted to applicant on 01/09/2016 and the application is under processing. The applicant would receive an e-mail/sms once the passport is dispatched.”
    Could you please tell me what does it means ?? As previously for our passport reissue online status was ” passport is send for printing followed by lamination and verification.” What does above status for my baby means ??

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Ashish. I think everything is good. I think the passport should arrive in a couple of days. There is a slight chance that police verification may be required but mostly it won’t. They SMS you if you paid the SMS charges when the passport is dispatched.

    Ashish 4 years ago

    Hi saurabh , I got my baby passport without police verification in 4 days. Thanks for ur kind advice

    saurabhj 4 years ago

    Congratulations Ashish. Thanks for stopping by and letting us know…

  • Reshu 4 years ago Reply

    Hii ashish , my daughter is six month old i want to apply passport , we both have vaild passport but in my passport my husband is not endorsed but in my husband passport my name is endorsed so plzz clear it both parent require there name should be endorsed in passport and clear all document while applying in tatkal

    Ashish 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Reshu,
    I advice you to go for normal mode because for normal mode also u will get passport in 3-4 days. For tatkal both parents required there name should be endorsed but for normal mode either parent passport name endorsed will work.

  • harry 4 years ago Reply

    Hi saurabhj,
    While applying online for resissue of a minor passport from the current pune address juridcation results in displaying pune addres on passport which is actually a rented apartment.Hence we decide to apply from our permanent address which is also the address printed in both the parent passports. Any suggestion, though we have to travel few kilometers to resolve this issue ? Other query , Is it mandatory for the minor to come along to the passport seva kendra for Passport reissue ?

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Harry, though I believe the minor needs to be present for the reissue I am not very sure. For the other queries regarding the address, I am afraid I don’t have first hand experience with it – so not very sure – but logic states that you can change your address. However police verification may be required in instances when the address is changed. Hoping other people visiting the blog might be able to shed more light on this.

  • sanjay 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    I wan to get a tatkal passport for my 1 year old son.I live in pune. I have:-
    – My son’s Birth Certificate issued from PMC
    – Address proof of Pune , electricity bill. Also an account in pune with our current address of pune
    – My spouse and I both have valid passport with each others names added in the passport
    but the address in both of our passport are from our home town which is in other state.
    – I have called the Passport toll free number and they said that it OK if passport address are different, as i have latest address proof with me
    But after reading comments above it seems like people with the same scenarios faced problem at the PSK and they didn’t accept there applications.
    Now I am bit confused what to do?

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Sanjay, I feel it should be OK. Either ways, it is always worth just going with what you have and taking a shot. Worse case, they will send you back for more documentation and the best case, everything goes through (like it has for many folks as you can see).
    No harm in trying.

  • BK Shukla 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh.
    I am staying in Bangalore from past 8 years. My passport is issued from Bangalore.My permanent address is not karnataka.
    My wife has a passport which was issued from her hometown before marriage(not in karnataka).
    Recently, i have shifted to new house in bangalore 3 months back whose address is different from my passport address.
    I have to apply for my kids passport.
    I understand from above post that even without spouse name entered, kids passport can be made (using marriage certificate)
    #1 Do i have to change address in my passport ? In order to provide address for Kid’s passport
    #2 If i am opting for a new passport. Does a new passport could be made on the address where you are staying from last 3 months.? I am in same city from 8 years though.
    Request you to please provide your opinion.
    Thank you,
    BK Shukla

  • Pritika 4 years ago Reply

    Hi saurabh..i want to make new passport for 5 month old baby..her birth certificate has my mother’s maidan name and my pasaport also has my maidan name..but we have not endorse spouse names in our passport so we are carrying marriage certificate with us but marriage certiifcate has my i.e. mother’s married name( Surname changed)…will this create a problem.. and what will be mother’s name in passport of my daughter they will consider birth certiifcate or marriage certiifcate

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Pritika,
    This post is now quite old and if you see the comments, they have recently gotten strict about spouse name endorsement — so they might ask you to do that. But it is worth trying to get your child’s passport without it first. Incase it goes through, you will save a couple of trips.
    As for your other question, in my experience, they use the name from the birth certificate.
    This is checked / corrected by the TCS person — so incase you have written it incorrectly, he/she should correct it for you.
    Hope this answers your query.

  • Anam Patka Kapadia 4 years ago Reply

    I just applied for my 4 month old baby’s passport. They have endorsed the mother’s name after marriage as on the birth certificate where as, as per the passport her name is the maiden name. My question to u is that if there would be a problem for the baby for future travel where mother’s name differs? You seem to hv the same situation. Please advise.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    No. No problem at all once the passport is issued 🙂

  • Swapnil 4 years ago Reply

    I had a very same situation:
    1. Mother’s passport carries surname before marriage
    2. Birth Certificate contains name with New surname (We didn’t ask for it, it’s their template which did it)
    3. Marriage certificate has Old name
    4. Counter C returned us to have Birth certificate updated with Name on birth certificate matching Mother’s passport (a.k.a before Marriage) OR to provide any proof with same name (a.k.a with new Name).
    We have none and the only ways left is:
    1. Go via Hospital > Muncipality to update birth certificate
    2. Take out a name change annexure saying both names are valid …
    since your case is absolutely same, I am curious how did that work out. any suggestions are also welcome

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Swapnil, our case is exactly the same. However, this was almost a year and a half ago and they might have become stricter since then. We were lucky.
    I think changing the birth certificate is going to be a bigger pain.
    You have a couple of easier options:
    1. Just try again with a new application. You will spend some more money but there is a small chance it may go through. Via another person. This would probably be the fastest option.
    2. Get your wife’s passport changed to name after marriage. I know it sucks but this is what we had planned as well. This would take a couple of weeks.
    3. Another option would be to get aadhar card for your wife. It is easier to change her name there. We have that in which they just looked at the marriage certificate and put her surname as my surname. Though I am not sure how quickly they give out the cards nowadays. It took a few months for this to arrive for us.
    4. Try a new application with just your passport (say your wife doesn’t have a passport). They might ask you to make one for your wife – but technically you can do this. Might be worth a short. There is almost a definite chance of police verification here.
    5. Seek out the passport officer. They are super helpful and explain your situation and tell him you are in a hurry. Maybe he can help.
    Hope it helps and I wish you all the best!
    Would love to hear what you tried and how it worked out for you.

  • Bhawna 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh
    Stumbled on this excellent piece and great to see the interactions on the passport blog.
    My husband and I have passports with the address as my husbands permanent hometown one.Our names are endorsed on each other’s passports and my sur name was also changed to husbands surname Soon after marriage some 15-16 years ago.We have lived in multiple cities in India.
    We have a 3 month old daughter and I want to apply passport for her. Now the catch is that she was born in city X but by mistake we gave the address of city Y which is obviously different from husbands permanent hometown.The MCD of city X has issued the birth certificate.
    My question is if we apply for passport citing parents passport and her birth certificate , will it work given the address difference between birth certificate and parents passport ?
    Pls advice

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Yes it will work. The address has absolutely no bearing on the application. They are mostly bothered with names matching and spouse endorsements.
    Also, I don’t think there is a requirement to update passports on change of address else people who move often would have a horrid time 🙂
    All the best to you guys. I dont foresee any issues.

    Bhawna 4 years ago

    Thanks a ton.I will proceed for the application and share my experience though I am always very skeptical of the Ghaziabad PSK.

    Bhawna 4 years ago

    Just sharing that my daughters passport was made in three days flat.Thanks to this wonderful thread by moderator.Each aspect of your post was accurate and sincerely appreciate your guidance.Your point about not to be bothered with different address on birth certificate was bang on.The passport officer took our addresses from the passport and used them.Thanks again.

  • Rashmi Krishnaiah 4 years ago Reply

    This is a very detailed, amazing post. Helped me a lot for procuring passport for my daughter. Thanks a lot for this info.

  • Agni Saren 4 years ago Reply

    This is very helpful details. I have some confusion regarding my 13 years daughter passport. I have my passport but my husband is no more (passed away), I want to get my daughter passport in that case what are the documents I need to submit.. Please suggest
    Thank you

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Agni, thanks for stopping by. I am sorry but I am unable to answer your particular query directly. I think the best thing to do is to call the Passport Customer Care and they should be able to guide you. Their number is: 1800-258-1800 and website is: http://www.passportindia.gov.in/

  • Pushkar Shah 4 years ago Reply

    Amazing post. Just want to ask about Walk-in. I want to visit PSK for passport of my daughter who is 6 months old. I have submitted form online and I got appointment date on 22nd Jan at 11:00. Can I visit on same day but at 9:00 and do the Walk-in. Both me and my wife have passports which names of each other endorsed on it. Address of us is also same as that of we applied for our daughter. So will police verification is needed?
    Please guide.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Pushkar,
    You can walk in anytime – a day after you fill the form online. As for your second query, police verification may not be required but you never know.
    You will come to know on that day itself if you need verification. If you are in a hurry, get the passport in tatkaal.

    Damodar 4 years ago

    Nice post and much appreciated. Really helped to know the process before hand rather than experimenting it.
    I have applied today and got passport status as printed already.
    Only issue they have raised is on address proof as we have applied from different location than address mentioned in old passport. Just bit concerned about electricity bill but at end all okay.

  • Rudresh 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh..
    Thanks a lot for this post.
    I am going to apply passport for my wife soon and later for my 2 daughters.
    We have marriage certificate as well. Address in my passport is not same as where we live now and also my wife’s name is not included in my passport.
    Can I apply passport for my wife as well as my daughters same time? or need to get first for wife with my name included in Spouse column and then apply for kids?
    Kindly let me know if you have any idea on this kind of scenarios.
    Appreciate your help.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Rudresh, technically, only one parents passport is required for application of children passports – so you can do that. However, having your wife’s passport with names endorsed makes documentation required easier.
    So doing it all together is possible but you may require more documentation. As with everything, my advice has always been to try the route which takes lesser time because for children passports, the interview is walk-in without appointment.
    So worst case if they send you back, you can wait till your wife’s passport is in your hand and then apply for your daughters. All the best. Let me know how it goes.

  • Saba 4 years ago Reply

    Hi saurabhj. I want to apply for my 1month baby passport. And I want it very urgent. My husband is in dubai and we both don’t have spouse name in our passports. And both the addresses are different. And present address is different. And the present address proof rental agreement is in my sister in laws name. What all the documents required plz suggest me

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saba, your case is quite unique and I would suggest speaking to a Passport officer to help you out by visiting the PSK.
    From what I have heard in the past, if your husband cannot come down to India, he would need to visit the Indian Embassy in Dubai to get some documents notarized and send them to you to be able to process the passport.
    They might even ask you to get spouse names endorsed first — which would further delay issuing of passports + travel.
    Best to speak to a passport officer directly at the PSK.
    All the best.

  • Amruta 4 years ago Reply

    Hi dea
    First of all thank u for d post
    I wana apply passport of ma 2 years daughter.i hv ma passport n ma hubbys passport also. But in ma passport i hv ma surname before marriage n didn’t renew dt. Now plz let me know the process i should follow to get ma baby’s passport in an easiest way.

  • Manish 4 years ago Reply

    My Wife passport issued from Raipur. She have my name in her passport. My baby born in December 2016 in ranchi. Baby birth certificate issued from ranchi. Can we apply for baby passport from Raipur.
    Please reply it’s very urgent.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Manish,
    You should be able to apply from Raipur. No restriction on city.

    Manish 4 years ago

    Thank you very much sir.

  • Scarlet 4 years ago Reply

    Thanks .very helpful

  • Pshree 4 years ago Reply

    Hi, I just applied ppt for my 2 months old and thought of sharing the experience. We live in the UK and back to India for delivery. My husband returned post delivery and I’m in chennai planning to leave during summer hence applied for baby’s passport in chennai. My husband renewed his ppt recently so he has my name in it, since mine was issued before marriage it doesn’t show spouse name. Also addresses in both of our passports are different, mine has pune address and his ppt has chennai address. As long as baby’s application shows one of these local addresses as current address there is no problem. Also there is no compulsion that spouse name should be endorsed on both parent passports, either of the passports is mandatory though. It is required that both parents should be present in person at psk, if anyone cannot attend then their original passport is mandatory. Since my husband couldnt be present in person we had to get a sworn in affidavit from High commission of India in London.
    In the psk on day of appointment everything just finished very quickly, token was issued with priority and it was called in all three counters with no waiting. In the c counter, govt official approved ppt on post verification basis. We received ppt on the next day.
    Hope this helps

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your experience.
    Very pertinent. Your bit about your husband needing a sworn affidavit via the Indian High Commission is very helpful.
    Thanks again.

  • Alankar 4 years ago Reply

    Have a couple of questions –
    1. my passport has my 1st Wifes name endorsed, not got it removed and endorsed 2nd wifes name. Do i need to get it removed first?
    2. Wifes (2nd) passport is in old name without my name endorsed.
    Would there be any issue?
    Thanks in Advance.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Alankar,
    I think you may have a problem with this. You may need to get the existing name removed and endorse the second name.
    Name endorsements in passports are for exactly this reason – so my gut feeling is that they may not process it.
    However, to be safe, you should call the PSK service center number and get it cleared from them as well.
    All the best!

  • Liz Stan 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    First of all, thanks a lot for providing this information.
    We have applied passport for our 15 moth old son however neither of our passport has spouse name endorsed. Both mine and my husband’s passport is issued from the same place but our address is different (mine – my paternal address). The address in my son’s birth certificate is same as that of my husband’s passport. We are planning to give produce marriage certificate as neither of our passport has spouse name endorsed. Another problem is that we are providing rental agreement (in my husband’s name) as proof of address for my son. Will it be a problem if both mine and my husband’s address is different
    The appointment date is 1-Feb, hopefully I’ll be able to share pleasant experience of the process

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hello, your case is exactly the same as ours.
    No. Address being different by itself is never an issue for the parents as long as the child’s address matches one of the parent’s address and you both are present for the appointment.
    I am hoping your child’s address & husband’s address matches. If so, then it should be fine.
    All the best and do let us know how it went for you.

  • Altaf Ahmed 4 years ago Reply

    Great post, seems very helpful.
    My query is bit different hope Saurabh or any reader has some clue.
    My wife, my 1st daughter and my mine passports doesn’t have surnames, its blank. I want to add surname to my second daughter’s (2 months old) passport. Since I do not have a surname in passport will there be a problem? Her surname I want to give is fatima and my last name (which was supposed to be surname in passport but is not) is ahmed.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Altaf,
    I don’t have exact information on this — but from what I have observed, the name on the passport for your 2nd daughter will be the same as the birth certificate. If you have that on the birth certificate, then it should be simpler – else I think they may ask you to make an affidavit or something.
    I think the best is to go ahead and try. That is the surest way to get 100% correct advice but you may need to visit one more time.

    Altaf Ahmed 4 years ago

    Thanks for the reply Saurabh. Firstly, as I said none of me and my family had surname in the passports. Second thing, there was no surname field in the birth certificate except combination of two word for my daughter’s name. Hence I wrote her first word in the given name and second word in the sir name of the passport application. The passport office at the C counter did not objected at all and said it wouldn’t be a problem (hopefully should not be a problem at any airport or immigration counter of any country). My daughter’s passport has already come.
    We got all the process done in the passport office on our appointment date (dint preferred walk in as we were not in hurry) in record 50 mins :).

  • Manas Pandey 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    I have some doubts regarding tatkal passport for my 3 months old baby boy.
    I have Indian passport issued in Singapore having my spouse name added in it. My wife passport is expired one month ago. Address in my passport is of Jabalpur (M.P.), which comes under passport office bhopal. I want to apply my baby passport under tatkal category in Bhopal. I have done some search in google and got some below info regarding documents required.Please look into it and let me know if there is any document missing in list:
    1) Baby birth certificate
    2) My Original passport and self attested photo copy of it
    3) Baby passport size photo
    4) Adhar card of my baby
    5) Annexure D signed by both parents.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Manas,
    At the time of application for me, both mine and my wife’s passport were active.
    If you read the blog, there is a section: What I took
    Those are the things which I took and it worked for me.

  • Deep 4 years ago Reply

    Went to PSK Gurgaon today for renewal of my son’s passport. It only took us 25 minutes for submission of all the documents and come out of PSK. In our case, we had passport for both parents and address did not change for son’s passport, so expected to be smooth and quick.
    Here is how, it has gone so far:
    Thurs : 10:23 AM – Received thanks you message from PSK.
    12: 42 PM – Received application / file number (Granted on No Police verification basis)
    01: 33 PM – Passport printing initiated.
    Expecting it to be printed by EOD and delivered in next couple of days.

    sarjit 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Deep,
    Thanks for sharing your experience, what are the walk-in timings available at Gurgaon PSK for minors?

    SouravG 3 years ago Reply

    In how may days did you get the passport?

    saurabhj 3 years ago

    Like it has been shared on the blog, it was around 4 days

  • Shashi 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    I have applied for my child passport on 17 February ( me n my wife have passports but spouse name is not endorsed I have given my marriage certificate as proof as my wife doesn’t have changed her address after marriage ) with all formalities done, it reached our local police station on 21 February ,
    On 9 March they have done the police verification and also they said our file will be dispatched on 12 March for further process because of holidays now, but I want to know how much time it will take for passport of my child to be printed as I am planning to go abroad next month on 12 April.

    saurabhj 4 years ago Reply

    Hi Shashi, I am afraid I did not get police verification done via the tatkal system – so I am unable to give you an estimate

    Shashi 4 years ago

    Hello Saurabh,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I have applied passport normally not tatkal, but don’t know how much time it will take for passport normally.

  • shaily 4 years ago Reply

    Hi everyone,
    Need to clear some confusion, i m planning to go to psk off to correct my surname ( mother name as my name is xy)on my baby passport,when we applied they took the name as per birth certificate and in my baby birth certificate ,my husband’s surname was there with my name now i got it corrected as now it has my name with my maiden surname as per my passport and my other IDs.Now the problem is my baby passport has been issued earlier and in mother’s name column it has xz bez earlier my baby Birth cert has my husband surname with my name( no maiden surname)now i want to correct it as my maiden surname. Will this process take time ?or need ed any verification as address etc everything is same just needed to replace my surname ( as we got it corrected and now new birth certificate has my maiden surname with my name )
    I hope i made my self clear, and waiting for yours​ recommendations.

    shaily 4 years ago Reply

    Please suggest me , should i take an appointment first and then visit psk or can i go tomm widout any appointment

  • Prajakta 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    I went for walk in interview today at Pune PSK at 10am but they asked me for some walk in form, which I did not find anywhere on website, so they did not allow me going in.
    Can you please advise on the form or the link for it. I am just not getting it on there website.
    Thanks in advance.

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Prajakta, as far as I am aware, we had to show an appointment letter (can be of any day). Don’t have an idea on this new form. Maybe others can help?

    Prajakta 3 years ago

    Thank you for the reply. Much appreciated!

    Pallavi 3 years ago

    Hi Prajakta,
    I am Pallavi. read my comment above. it may help you.

    Prajakta 3 years ago

    Yes, Thank you!
    I completed my process today.
    In my case, I already had payment done and also appointment taken but it was late in April.
    So I had to cancel my appointment and take that print out.
    Then they let me in for further process.
    I completed the procedure at 10:30 am and I received a message that Passport has initiated Printing at 10;45 am itself.

  • Harish kumar Kumar 3 years ago Reply

    Thq so much for deatiled imformation

  • Aasma 3 years ago Reply

    Wat abt passport for 2 yr old n 7 yr old…..if we want in 3 days can v get?

  • Sourav Ghoshal 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh. Thanks for your post. It was indeed very helpful. I had my kid’s passport appointment today. And the entire process got over in 30 mins flat!! Really impressed with the efficiency it was moving in. (Realized it was because of the category of token we got.) but this is something we need to be proud about.!

  • Jacob 3 years ago Reply

    I need to apply passport for my 5 months old baby. The problem I perceive is that both me and my wife have different addresses and we moved to a new address last year. Can I still apply with proof of new address or should I first apply for a updated passport for myself and then apply for my kid? When I checked with a local agent he insisted to do the latter. But I don’t trust him. Can you please advise or at least provide a contact number of someone who’s working in PSK who can answer this query.
    Thanks in advance!

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    As per my experience and some other people on the forum, different addresses should not matter. Go for tatkal which should be better. Also, the PSK number is on the passport website.

    Jacob 3 years ago

    Thanks for the quick reply Saurabh! Let me try my luck. 🙂

  • Saurabh ahuja 3 years ago Reply

    Hi my wife has passport of pre marriage name and address and I have updated my passport after marriage so is there any problem if we apply for our 18 month old baby passport

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh, if both of you will be present at the PSK, you should be good.

  • Lami 3 years ago Reply

    I had applied for a passport formy 1 year old baby and my and my husband address is defferent in passport .my baby’s address is his father’s is there eny police verification and how many days it will be taken to reach home

  • Sangram 3 years ago Reply

    Hello all, greetings ! Can anyone answer my query? We ( I and my wife) belong to Odisha state. But on our passports,the current address is hyderabad address since we got our passports from hyderabad during our stay there (we are no more in hyderabad.we live in gulf).Now our child is about to be born in Odisha.Can we apply for the child’s passport in Odisha PSK without changing our current address on our passports? Our passports have valid visas and we don’t want to apply for change of address until the visa expires.

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    Yes. You should be able to mostly do this.
    Implementation of rules vary from PSK to PSK unfortunately – so your mileage may vary — but if you and your wife both are present, then there is a high chance it will go through without issues.

  • Nitin G 3 years ago Reply

    Not sure if you are still following. I was today sent back from COunter B, because the Birth certificate of my daugher had wife’s surname which is not matching her existing surname.
    My wife never changed the surname post marraige. But when my daughter was born, the birth certificate generation guys added her surname same as mine. But now it is not matching her passport or pan card.
    I tried finding literature or FAQ around this everywhere, but could not find. Not even passport website has anything related to this kind of issue.
    Now I am waiting for my daughter birth certificate to be modified which is a long process.

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    So we are in the same boat as you Nitin. My wife has her before marriage passport and on the birth certificate of my daughter, they have put my surname.
    When I filled the passport form, in the mothers name section, I had put my wife’s name from before marriage – but the TCS guy at counter A changed it to what was on the birth certificate and we passed through counter B and C easily.
    This was in the Pune PSK. If your case is similar, you can try again and modify the form to your wife’s name from the birth certificate and see if they let you go through.
    From the comments in this post, I have realised that there is no major rule around it and every officer and PSK have a different take on it.
    Thanks for sharing your experience though.
    If you can try going in again and asking the counter A person to make sure the form has the birth certificate names, you could attempt again without bothering to change the birth certificate which seems extremely tedious.
    Hopefully you get a different officer who lets you go through.

  • Nadeem Khan 3 years ago Reply

    Hi.. is it necessary for the child to be present at the address where the passport will be delivered? We are planning to travel with our child, can our parents receive the passport on our behalf?

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    Nope. Not necessary at all.

    Nadeem Khan 3 years ago

    Will have to wait and see. Because I checked with one of the agents today and he said my baby will have to be present. Moreover I cant find any information related to passport delivery on the passport seva website.

    saurabhj 3 years ago

    I am speaking from my experience. The passport was delivered to my parents place and was received by my parents. We were not home. Should be fine.

  • Varsh 3 years ago Reply

    This is really helpful information. I also have the same situation as yours. My passport has my fathers surname and I did not changed it after marriage. And my daughter birth certificate has my husbands surname in my name. As you mentioned the passport officers will put the mothers name as in the birth certificate of child, but wont that be a problem again I dont have valid documents with the husbands surname (as I did not changed my surname after marriage). I want my name with pervious surname on my daughters passport. Kindly suggest.
    Thank you.

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    I would suggest that you both be present and go ahead with whatever docs you have and try to see if they process it for you. For children, you can walk in anytime – no waiting – so you could go tomorrow.
    The other alternative would require the birth certificate to be changed – your name to have your surname which seems like a cumbersome process and will take days. So I would suggest just going ahead and trying to get it done. Of they stop you, you will at max lose q few hours in the day.

  • sanjog dhillon 3 years ago Reply

    Thanks a lot.this has saved my time, money other wise I was trying for tatkal.

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    Tatkal still has the benefit that if you are flagged for police verification, that is done post passport delivery. In normal cases, police verification is done pre-delivery.

    ESTHER 3 years ago

    Hi we have applied for our adopted daughters’ passport. Everything went smooth. The TCS guy didn’t ask about the adoption as it’s nowhere mentioned in the application. But we didn’t want to hide it so gave the adoption related documents to him. He said police verification is not necessary as we both have passports. But the status is saying that police verification is pending. Why it’s so.

  • SS 3 years ago Reply

    I am planning to apply for my 2 months old baby. I had already got spouse name changed in the PP but i see there is one anomaly that my wife’s name in my passport under spouse name is having first name and last name but in her passport and other Id’s she is having middlename everywhere. Will there be a problem if i apply for my kid passport or there are any chance which can lead to police investigation? I am planning to go for next week

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    Police verification is dependent on a call by the passport officer and the names in the passports do not dictate it. You mostly should be fine though

  • Abhinandan Sahu 3 years ago Reply

    What is the Annexure H required for? Is it mandatory to carry one or is it required for quicker turn around time? If yes, how do I get one? I am renewing my wife’s passport and getting a new one for my daughter 3.5 year old. Please assist. I have ARN for both ready and paid online. Uploaded all the required documents too on the portal. What else do we need to carry as hard copies.

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    Hi. I don’t remember exactly as it was a very long time ago – but the passport website has a very handy document advisor – http://www.passportindia.gov.in/AppOnlineProject/docAdvisor/attachmentAdvFresh

  • Sana 3 years ago Reply

    Hello.. I lost my passport as well as my baby’s who is 2 years old.. we stay in KSA and I lost our PP while on a vacation in India.. My husband is still in KSA.. what are the procedure for applying again for a new PP and is the presence of my husband necessary again for re issue..?? Please help me.. Thanks in advance..

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Sana, I am afraid I will not be able to help with your query as I have no experience in this regard. Please contact the passport helpline number at: 1800-258-1800. Hope this helps.

  • Brinda 3 years ago Reply

    We are planning to apply passport for our baby. My passport address and my hubby’s passport address are different. But currently we live in Chennai (Both of our address is not Chennai).. Also we have only rental agreement as a proof here. Our baby was born in Chennai. And it is mentioned in his birth certificate too..So can I apply for his passport in Chennai Psk or should We go to any one PSK based on myself or my hubby’s address.. Please help me. Urgent requirement.

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    You can definitely apply for the passport in Chennai itself. The proof of address documents are listed on the site. Also, your passport delivery address and permanent address can be at different places I think (please do confirm the latest requirements).
    If that is the case, then you could give a paternal permanent address which is printed in the passport as well.

  • sagarb 3 years ago Reply

    I am planning to apply for passport for my 2 year old son.
    Problem – Mother’s Name in birth certificate of my son and my wife’s name in her passport are different.
    Will that be a problem?
    Also, which address will be considered as permanent address in minor’s passport, if my present and permanent address are different?

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    1) We did not have a problem even though the mothers name was different on the passport and birth certificate as long as you have proof of name on the birth certificate (we had Aadhar)
    2) Adress is whatever you put in the form. Does not depend on your existing passport

    sagarb 3 years ago

    You mean mother’s Aadhar and mother’s name on birth certificate were same?

    saurabhj 3 years ago

    Yes. Mothers name before marriage was on passport. After marriage it was on birth certificate and Aadhar.
    However, I have come to realise it depends on the PSK and your luck. Some commenters on this blog have mentioned they were asked to update mothers name on passport.
    Worth a shot going with what you have currently.

  • Ankit Dhasmana 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabhj, first of all really appreciate your detailed information on the subject. It really helped cooling down my nerves while applying passport for my little daughter. Now I have one confusion while filling the online form. It asks for Adhaar card and also there is a declaration that the above Adhaar card details are true (with somewhat “I agree” and “not agree” options). What should be done for infant case where Adhaar is not available.

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    I didn’t have this when we were filling it but I would probably set the agree option else it probably won’t let you proceed. I am hoping Adhar is not mandatory for infants.

    Tarun 3 years ago Reply

    Aadhar card is not necessary for minor passport..don,t select I agree option,click next it will take you next page

  • yuthi 3 years ago Reply

    HI Saurabh ji ,
    I have applied for my son’s passport who is 7 months old . My husband is out of india . I have an appointment at PSK Mumbai . Below are the documents I m carrying :
    1) DOB of SON with address different city than mumbai
    2) Mother’s passport with husband’s name endosed with address different than mumbai
    3) adhar card of mother with address of different city than Mumbai
    4) husband passport copy with Mumbai’s address and wife’s name endosed
    5)husband’s adhar card with Mumbai address
    6) annexure D
    7) print out of online form
    8) passport photo of the baby ( though don’t know how to click , will check with a photo shop )
    Please let me know anything that I m missing out and also please let me know if Police verification will be scheduled for the same .
    How many days will it take to get the passport handy.
    Thanks in advance.

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Yuthi,
    The passport website has a handy document advisor which lists which documents you need to carry:
    Please refer to that list only.
    I am not sure if you will be asked for Police Verification – depends on a lot of factors including whether you are going for Tatkal or not.
    All the best and hope it works out well for you.

  • Preeti Gupta 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh,
    Thank You for keeping link live by replying to all questions. I am divorced and wish to bring my son to Dubai. Ex husband not will to sign passport application. What can I do?

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Preeti,
    There was a petition in this case last year in January and the Govt has made some changes which makes it easier for single parents to get passports for minor children.
    I had signed the petition — but unfortunately, do not know of the exact steps you may need to take.
    Please see these links to get started: https://www.change.org/p/sushmaswaraj-meaquery-passportsevamea-help-me-get-a-passport-for-my-minor-son-who-is-in-my-custody
    and http://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2016/dec/23/passport-rules-liberalized-for-single-parents-adopted-children-1552338.html
    Once you learn of the procedure to follow, please do drop by again and update us as to what you did.
    It would help future parents coming to this site. Thanks again and all the best!

    Preeti Gupta 3 years ago

    Thank You. Will surely update.

  • Himanshu 3 years ago Reply

    really helpful.

  • Avinash 3 years ago Reply

    Any idea of how to get a passport size photograph for a infant and the rules around it ?. I am applying for a passport for my 2 week old son ( I know it s too early for him. but desperate times call for desperate measures). Do they take a photograph of the baby at the PSK ( PSK Pune in my case)

    saurabhj 3 years ago Reply

    Hi Avinash,
    They will DEFINITELY NOT take a photo at the PSK.
    You need to carry that with you. When we went, they took the photo, scanned it and returned it as well.
    I know what you mean – it is tough to snap a decent shot — so it is even tougher at the PSK.
    They are lenient though when it comes to infants and as long as most of the important features are visible in the photo, it should be OK.
    Tip: I ended up taking a photo of my 8 month old at home with my DSLR by putting her on her high chair against a pale yellow wall.
    And then later photoshopped it.
    I think if you can get a decent snap of your kid, the neighbourhood photo studio should be able to make it passport-worthy.
    All the best!

  • Amjad 2 years ago Reply

    It’s really useful information. Thanks for sharing

  • Sumit 2 years ago Reply

    Hello Sir,
    I have applied passport for my baby and my wife with surname change and address. And they have told on counter that 1st need to apply for reissue and complete the procedure (CounterA+B+C) then after that your child passport get process.
    On 19th March they have put my wife passport on hold stating that need to provide an address proof with her surname in it (We got the acknowledge slip that come along with missing documents).
    And same day we went through the same procedure (Counter A+B+C) for my (3month ) child and there we have put the mother name with new surname. Then we exit it, since then its status showing in internet the documents have been uploaded along with the fees till now 04-04-2018. And in acknowledge sheet its status showing On HOLD and * Subject to Police Verification.
    Yesterday, Again we went to passport office for my wife passport, We had completed all procedure on Counter (A+B+C) and they have cancelled the current passport and then we went to exit there they have given acknowledgement, in status GRANTED , pending for police Verification. Online also showing application sent to police station for verification.
    My question (If you can help)
    1) Why there is no update in status of my Child application. ? Is it because on our 1st visit my wife’s passport went for hold ?
    2) Will status got change once my wife’s procedure completed ?
    3) Also, they have given ACK slip of my wife along with all photostats which were there in file. Is that ok? In new case i have never seen that they will return all the papers which they were using it not sure about reissue.

    saurabhj 2 years ago Reply

    Hi Sumit,
    Thanks for your comment. I am afraid I cannot help you directly as your particular case is quite specific and I do not have experience with it.
    I am hoping someone else who reads this may have some insights and give you some answers.
    They do have a call center number that you can try calling. Not sure how helpful that would be.
    All the best.

  • Amaresh 2 years ago Reply

    while I had been to the PSK , I HAD carried all the documents excepting for my daughter’s original birth certificate, which has deposited in her school during the admission process formalities.rest all documents mentioned as per you was submitted.
    i submitted the apyon 28th june and today is 8th july i have not received any update over an sms and the status of my application still continues to be the same till date

    what ahd i do

    Saurabh Jain 2 years ago Reply

    Hi Amaresh, was this a tatkal application?
    I think if the Passport officer approved your request, then the documents do not matter.

    It would be worthwhile checking with them on the call center (1800-258-1800). It could also be that the file has been sent to your police station for verification and they haven’t informed you to come down.
    I have heard of that generally happening. Alternatively, if you know which police station you need to go to, you can go there and check with them as well if the file has come.

    Lastly, you can file a grievance at the Passport portal.
    That is why I personally feel Tatkal is an easier option as you don’t deal with the police verification thing only after the passport comes — and that too rarely.

    Amaresh 2 years ago

    Hi Saurabh
    thanks for your email
    it wasn’t a tatkal, it was a normal one.
    i have already raised my concern in the grievance section of the passport seva website. a service request number has been generated.
    lets see whats whe TAT.

    Namrata 2 years ago

    I want to apply for my 18 months old passport. My passport has my maiden name with my husband s name endorsed. My babies birth certificate has my name mentioned with my husband s surname. My husband also holds a passport with my name endorsed again it has my name post marital surname. .. will I face difficulty in applying for my babies passport. Do I need to change my name in her birth certificate
    Thanks in advance

    Saurabh Jain 2 years ago

    Hi Namrata,
    I don’t think there should be a problem — but my experience is from almost 5 years ago now.
    I think they will put your name on your child’s passport with your husband’s surname (like they did for my child) — but apart from that, as all your names are endorsed, I do not foresee any issue.

    However, I would appreciate if you can come back and let us all know about your experience. All the best!

  • sandhya laddha 2 years ago Reply

    I want to do a walk in for my 3 months old daughter. Shall i fill a normal or tatkal application?
    I hope the walk in is still allowed

    Saurabh Jain 2 years ago Reply

    Unfortunately, from what I have read, walk-ins are not allowed anymore.
    I had posted an update earlier as well but I think you might have missed it. Here is the news article that I stumbled on:

    And there is no mention of walk-ins anymore on the passport website.

    Regarding your query on Normal or Tatkaal, depends on the rush at your PSK and how soon you want your passport.
    Normal passport is 1,500 and Tatkaal is 3,500 (1,000 and 3,000 for minors I think)

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