How to disable the data usage flash messages on the Idea Network

If you are on an IDEA network and have a post paid number, you’ll notice these highly annoying data usage flash messages everytime your phone disconnects an active connection.
To get rid of this, simply dial:


To activate this again, dial:


If you simply want to check your data usage, you can dial:


This will show you your current limits but will not enable the messages again.
Hopefully this information is useful to some folks.

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Comments (9)

  • Akshay Deshpande 5 years ago — Reply

    One thing to note is that these codes don’t work for an Idea prepaid connection. 🙂

    Deepesh Rathod 4 years ago — Reply

    It works thanks

    orangakabcd 3 years ago — Reply

    it works

  • Sahil khan 4 years ago — Reply

    what is the code for idea prepaid?
    if there is some settings which needs to be changed please guide for iphone 6

  • Help me 3 years ago — Reply

    It doest work

  • saiprasad pashupulate 3 years ago — Reply

    If the above doesn’t work, try calling them up and ask them to disable. If these annoying buggers keep popping up, switch to 3g (go to mobile networks and select 3G/2G mode.)

  • brijesh patel 3 years ago — Reply

    Thanks buddy

  • Suryakant Shukla 3 years ago — Reply

    Thanks you for sharing. It worked…!!☺

  • no reply 2 years ago — Reply

    not working this because customer care, they are telling check mobile setting. i want to enable this service but what are the setting in mobile

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