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Hello and thank you for your offer to help me out.

I have tried and outlined what help I think I need to the best of my abilities – but I think but writing this down is always limiting compared to speaking on the phone or meeting in person – so happy to jump on a quick call, or catch up for coffee as well :)

A little background

So, my mother is a doctor and has her private practice. She has been practising for almost 30+ years now – so she is quite popular and has a number of patients coming to her clinic. Sometimes, when she needs to take a holiday or is unwell, we generally put a notice up front on her clinic (on the door) – but this is not ideal as people have to be physically present to see the message.

Folks who have taken a day off or have traveled a distance to see her – end up wasting their time.

She does not give her personal number to her patients because otherwise she would always be on the phone.

She is a GP – so emergencies are always rare.

The solution

After quite sometime of mulling over the issues, we came up with a simple solution.

An automated IVR system for her clinic – which when called does two things:

    1. Informs the patient whether the doctor is currently in. If so, till when will she be available
    2. If the doctor is not in, it informs them when she will be in — next.

It is quite low-tech and something that even uneducated folks can do. No app to download, no data required.

Simply call a number.

You can try this out for yourself by calling: 020-67082570

This service is currently offered in English and Hindi (Marathi coming soon).

Further information

A lot of her patients will be english speaking – but I also wanted to reach out to those who speak Marathi only (she has a few of them).

What I need help with

To propagate this number, I designed the following sign that we put on her door and inside the clinic at prominent locations.

I basically need help on this sign.

Looking for ideas and suggestions on how I could make this sign:

    1. Clearer without sounding patronizing
    2. Include messaging in hindi as well some place
    3. Drive more users to save the phone number and use the service

Looking for other less intrusive ideas as well to get people to save the phone number and call next time before coming (keep pamphlets somewhere in the clinic maybe?).

Currently, we are getting some people calling the service – we have been live for a few weeks, but I wanted to know what we could do to optimize the messaging.

How it looks on the door.

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  • PK snehi 10 months ago Reply

    For regular patients, a little effort of entering this no in their phone by dr’s assistant & request them to check before coming by telling them about facility.
    A easier way for propgation for GP would distribution of small leaflet through newspaper boys along with daily paper delivery as the circle of influence for GP can be covered by newspaper boy.

    saurabhj 10 months ago Reply

    Thank you uncle for your suggestions. This is helpful. The newspaper boys idea is good.

  • Dhruva Salvi 10 months ago Reply

    Hey Saurabh!
    I have a suggestion.. we could also have an automated whatsapp/text reply service. The whatsapp status can also be set to show the daily status/hours of business.

    saurabhj 10 months ago Reply

    Thanks for the suggestion Dhruva. The SMS service is something I have considered and will mostly implement as well once we have some traction.
    The WhatsApp thing is a bit more difficult technology wise – but I think that might be more useful.

  • Vijayalakshmi 10 months ago Reply

    You can send the pamphlet to the list of regular patients. Post it as a notice in the medical shops in and around the area. May be other shops as well.

    saurabhj 10 months ago Reply

    Thank you ma’am for your feedback. Appreciate you taking the time out to check this out :)

  • Akshay Deshpande 10 months ago Reply

    Hi Saurabh, interesting idea. I thought I could give my 2 cents :)
    1. The translation of the first question could be changed. Word for word, the first one translates to: “Is the Doctor going to reach today?”. Perhaps a better line could be: “आज डॉक्टर क्लिनिकमध्ये येणार आहेत का?”.
    2. You could mention in Marathi that the number can be called anytime by saying “…कधीही call करा”.
    3. Maybe some icons like the telephone icon could make it self explanatory to people who can’t read?

    saurabhj 10 months ago Reply

    Thanks Akshay. All good points. Will modify. The telephone icon is an excellent catch. I should have put that in.

  • Pravin Kumbhar 10 months ago Reply

    Hey Sourabh,
    You can probably have this printed on the back side of prescription. That will help to reach out to almost all of the patients visiting.

    saurabhj 10 months ago Reply

    That’s a good idea Pravin and something that I have been considering but it is high cost (will have to replace all of her prescription pads and will have high disruption as well)

    A lesser disruptive but equally effective way could be to staple another sheet with this information.

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