Hello, my name is Saurabh Jain and this is my attempt at creating a personal website. It contains all the stuff I have written so far (or photographed).
After engineering, I worked for a bit with a software company based out of Viman Nagar (for 9ish months) after which me and two of my other friends decided to start a company – we called ThinkingSpace Technologies. Work was fun at ThinkingSpace and we ran with it for almost three and a half years and grew the team to about eight people. We were also decently profitable and did tonnes of crazy things.
We decided to wind down ThinkingSpace in Nov 2010 to pursue different things.
After ThinkingSpace, I started my second startup – Intellista Software Studios which we ran extremely successfully for fourteen months – doing consultation and working on our awesome game AdMogul (which will back sometime in the future).
We merged with June Software in Feb 2012 and I currently hold the post of Director (Engineering) at the company.
Besides work, I am passionate about films, design, photography and writing code (though not necessarily in that order).
While at Intellista, I also co-authored a textbook for Wiley, India: “Game Architecture and Programming” which teaches the concepts of Game development to final year engineering students of Mumbai University.
In a previous life, while doing my engineering, I was part of a team which reached the world semi-finals of a short film making contest. In that same year, I was also part of a team which won the Imagine Cup, Software Design Invitational in India. Some of the best years of my life.
Amongst other things: writing a book writing a popular work of fiction, making a film, starting a company which is an exceptional place to work in India and creating a world class educational institute — is something I aspire to do before I am gone. I may not have a lot of experience in these things, but I am willing to learn and am looking for people who’d either help or partner with me in one (or more) of these quests.
Welcome to my website and thank you for reading this far :o)