On Engineering

Having passed my engineering from the Pune University back in July 2006 — and having done decently well from both – mine and my parents’ standard (First Class with Distinction), I think I am decently qualified to give my opinion on things related to studying Engineering in Pune (and perhaps India).
The best practices, what things to do, not to do, etc.
Hence, one of my classmates from college (Abbas) and myself have setup a small blog where we write posts giving tips and tricks on what and how stuff should be tackled – so as to get your best value for time (and money).
You can check out the posts at: http://engg101.com
Some of my older posts are available at: https://saurabhj.com/category/on-engineering/ if you care to read.
If you have some specific questions or suggestions, post a comment here or leave me a mail at:
saurabhj [at] gmail [dot] com
I’ll try to see how I could help you out.
Earlier, I had intended to keep the posts in chronological order – but somehow these things never work …
So, I will just pick up topics on which I feel like writing and post away …
As always, your comments are extremely welcome and highly encouraged šŸ™‚
And oh yeah, I have done my engineering from the M.E.S. College of Engineering (which is located within the Wadia College Campus) in Computers — Batch of 2006. (Just for your information)
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