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Hey Flipkart! I thought we were friends …

Hey Flipkart,

I have loved and liked you since a very long time.

When you were only so little – and just opening your eyes to the world in Sep 2008, I trusted you and bought my first book from  you – all of Rs. 750 and was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived all neatly packed in a couple of days.

I was so happy that I wrote about my experience at so many places, gave you 5 stars and told everyone I met – what an awesome service I had found.

Since then, you have grown by leaps and bounds and I have been so happy and proud that I was one of your early adopters.

My order list has grown and looks something like this – since we first met:


I have purchased 45+ items and spent an approximate of Rs. 36,000 on your site since – so I naturally thought that we were friends.

I wrote you an email yesterday:

Order ID: OD20606100278

1.) The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (3 Volume Set) – Bill Watterson ( 9780740748479 )


I know this is late – but could you send me some extra Flipkart bookmarks along with this order? I know 1 bookmark is generally sent with a book – but I have many books without bookmarks and the Flipkart ones are awesome.

So, if you could send me around 20 bookmarks with this order, I would be very grateful. (If you send more, I have many reader friends with whom I’d love to share them – plus my company has a large library without bookmarks)



Saurabh Jain

And received this reply:

Dear Saurabh,

Greetings from Flipkart!

Order ID: OD20606100278

1.) The Complete Calvin and Hobbes (3 Volume Set) – Bill Watterson ( 9780740748479 )

We regret to inform you that we do not accept special request for orders placed in our website.


I understand that sometimes these things might be difficult and might not be possible.

But can’t you do better than a short, curt reply?

I am really sad – not because you didn’t send me the bookmarks – but that you didn’t take any effort to reply back.

Did you even read my email or did you use one of your auto-reply bots to just send a cookie cutter response?

Maybe you have grown so big that you don’t have time for me – or maybe I am not giving you enough business?

I was thinking that you were the Zappos from India – but you turned out to be another yebhi / fashionandyou /.

I thought we were friends – but I guess we aren’t…