An excellent game to play with your child!

An excellent game to play with your child!

Just wanted to tip my hat to this lovely iOS game that my three year old and I finished playing recently together called Love you to bits.

I stumbled on it by accident quite a few months ago (it was the Free app of the week) and kiddo got interested while I was attempting the game.

Soon, it become our daily ritual to spend half an hour going through the super cute, point and click puzzles.

The music is soothing, artwork awesome and the game play excellent. The story is simple enough that a three year old can follow.

It does have a little bit of cartoon violence on a couple of levels (nothing too drastic - but it isn’t designed for children as such).

However, it has the exact balance of many elements that makes it a joy to play.

I for one, hate point and click games and can never finish them without using hints of a walkthru - but this game though challenging, never made you feel like you couldn’t get out of a level.

A true gem of a game. Highly recommended!

Download here.