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Hi there! My name is Saurabh, and I am a father of two exceptional children, a husband and a software engineer.

I live in Pune, India at the moment and I have been writing code since 2002.

I am currently Lead Engineer at Market Access Transformation - an enterprise startup writing software for the pharmaceutical industry. Previously, I have led Engineering & Product at June Software (YC 2012).

You can find more about my projects here.

My wife and I have bootstrapped an alternative, micro-school in Pune called The Flourish School for 6 - 10 year olds in partnership with Acton Academy, Austin.


Up your coffee game!

  • 10 min read

Are you tired of drinking miserable instant coffee and want to move to the next level of actually brewing your coffee? The way it was supposed to be made?

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Tools of the (remote) trade!

  • 3 min read

Over time, I have started using a whole bunch of tools which I now take for granted but would make my life very difficult if one or more of them disappeared.

Recently, a friend asked me to compile a list of tools I use for a project she was doing on remote teams and I sent her the following email.

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How to hack your home loan

  • 10 min read

In this post, I discuss how loans and their compounding principals work. How the amortization schedule works and how you can use it to your advantage in paying off the loan quickly and efficiently.

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