Working Remotely

How to go about your remote job hunt

I have been working remotely since 2015 and have held a few gigs along the way.

In this presentation, I share how I went about looking for a remote job.
What went well and how you should approach it.

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Homeschooling 101

We home-schooled our 6yo for a year during the pandemic using learner-driven principles (that we now have working brilliantly at the Flourish School).

Our 6yo had a great year and we didn’t have to spend more than an hour/week on her learning. She herself spent less than 45 minutes per day on her learning.

We share our journey and what worked for us in this video.

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Conversations on Alternate Learning Spaces

At the close of our first year with Flourish, we had a great conversation with Shweta on what Flourish and the whole learner-driven philosophy is in general.

We discuss what worked well for us and things that we are learning and improving on.

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