Projects (Beta)

A project I built for myself (available to everyone now), which allows you to create your private (personal) podcast for yourself using articles that you don’t have time to read.

Sign up to get a private podcast link. You add this as a podcast in your existing podcast app.

Once this is setup, you add your articles or URLs to the website to have it show up on your private podcast.

The service uses neural, naturally sounding voices. (Beta)

Trbo is a journal-by-email application.

It sends you an email at a pre-determined time everyday and you reply to the email to add posts to your journal.

Also has a telegram bot if you prefer journaling via Telegram instead of email.

Home Loan Amortization Schedule Calculator

This page allows you to enter details of the loan you are about to take and gives you the amortization schedule. You can add pre-payment options to figure out how you can hack your loan and pay it off faster.


Can’t decide on which film to watch next? Compovie lets you add in a number of films and compare. Get synopsis and ratings from IMDB and Metacritic all in one place.


An dumb-charades inspired, mobile game that I designed when I was at June Software.

Emotional Support Helpline Directory

Built a help-line directory of Emotional Support (and suicide prevention) numbers in India for a couple of Psychiatrist friends. Super simple react-native app (learnt RN for this) - can be a good starting point for any directory type application though it might be super dated.

(The app is no longer available on the Play Store due to changes in some of the Google Policies).